Caramel Slice Recipe

When I get stressed, I bake. I'm stressed a lot of the time, so I bake a lot. Although, this recipe doesn't really constitute to baking but I got to beat up a packet of biscuits, so I'm pretty de-stressed. 

To this date, these are my proudest achievement. I even made my own caramel, which I heard was super hard so I'm going to relish in my accomplishment.

They don't look the best but they taste pretty good. My mistake was using large amounts of ingredients compact into a small china pot and being frozen for over 12 hours in the fridge when mine and Jamie's half 9 nap turned into a deep sleep in which we awoke temporarily at 4am before returning to bed until mid-morning.


All About That Base 

200g of plain digestive biscuits (I used chocolate ones and they still taste pretty good.)

100g of butter (unsalted is the better option but I was lazy and just used what we had.)

Caramel Sutra

125g of the same butter.

400ml of tinned sweetened condensed milk.

90g of caster sugar.

3 tablespoons of maple syrup/golden syrup.

On Top

250g of chocolate (dark or milk are the best but you can use whatever you fancy.)

2 teaspoons of oil.

The Method Behind the Madness

1. Lightly Grease a 20 x 30cm rectangular shallow tin (or scram to find your flat mates china dish like I did) and preferably buy some grease-proof paper (leave the sides hanging over the edge.) I buttered the dish which still worked pretty well.

2. Crush/smash/beat up/take out all your anger on your digestive biscuits in a mixing bowl (a rolling pin end does amazing work) until it's obliterated into fine pieces. 

3. Melt the first portion of butter and pour into the bowl of former biscuits. Mix it until it looks like it's a decent base that you manipulate into desired base shape. Pour/throw into the tin and press firmly, lining the tin with a smooth surface. 

4. Put aside the tin and start on the caramel. In a decent sized pan, combine your second portion of butter (not yet melted), condensed milk, caster sugar and maple syrup/golden syrup. Stir or whisk over a low heat for approximately fifteen minutes until the sugar is dissolved and the mixture is thick, smooth and lightly coloured (a caramel colour, heh, heh). Removed from heat and leave to cool, still stir the mixture so it's easier to pour over the base. Pour over the biscuit base and place in a fridge for about 30 minutes or until satisfied that the mixture has started to firm.

5. Whilst the mixture is chilling, place your chopped up chocolate into a bowl over a saucepan of simmering-to-boiling water. Once it's melted, pour over the half made caramel slice. Leave to cool and place it back in the fridge until the chocolate is solid again. 

6. Cut, Instagram (I can't be the only one?) and enjoy! 

I can't claim that I made up this recipe because it's probably been around longer than I have and I'm not that kind of person. I slightly altered the bbcgoodfood recipe featured here. A great team and a great website to get recipes from!

What recipes have you tried lately? Have you made a different version of Caramel Slices? Link me Below! 

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Boots/Superdrug Haul and embarking on new adventures

The thing about Adult Hood is that you never get a break. There's always something happening whether big or small and if nothing happens for a prolonged period of time, then something big is coming. This isn't always bad but it's definitely keeping me on my toes. 

I passed Probation at work! Now, anyone who has read this blog or followed my Social Media accounts for a long(ish) time knows that I can't delve into the details of my job for Data Protection reasons. I'd love to say I was some sort of FBI agent or something super cool but no, to put it basically I have an office job in finance. Sounds quite dull and a bit unusual for someone with qualifications in Media and Journalism but I actually love it. 

I get to flexi to work my own hours (to a certain extent), I get to grab coffee and take a phone call when I need to and as long as I hit deadlines and what is required of the job, they're pretty cool people to work for. I mean, I have blue hair. Not a lot of professional people take kindly to people with unnaturally coloured hair but they think it's cool that I walk around with neon blue hair and tartan leggings on. 

I have a fixed term contract which is a lot more secure than probationary period but I have decided to take the very adult leap of faith and apply for permanent. It's not easy to get (is any job?) But I'm going for it. The positive out of the negative if I fail is that I tried and can try again because I'll still have a job, at least until my contract ends.

So I've spent the day updating my CV and visiting my parents. I ate junk food and then fell really ill so had to return home. I'm feeling a little better and have a super cute Jamie to take care of me.

Jamie and I are also about to embark on a new adventure. I'm not talking babies and marriage, that's not in any way our cup of tea although we are going on a holiday next year, but we are about to step out into the adult world, erm, some more? I'm not going to reveal it just yet because that could curse us (I'm very superstitious and I believe in fate...and holding a grudge) but when it all comes into play, I will be dedicating a whole blog post it. 

My week has been very eventful. To start, I attempted to make a chicken pie...and failed miserably. 

Jamie doesn't like a lot of the ingredients that it takes to make a pie and then I couldn't be bothered (it was my first day back at work) to wait an hour for the chicken to cook so it turned into a sausage pie. It sounds disgusting, right? It really was. I am proud that I made my own pastry though! That was the good part, until we tasted the filling and then binned the lot.

Appropriate decoration for a sausage pie, right? 

Jamie ended up eating this for his dinner.

I'm still proud of my efforts. When I first moved out I lived on noodles and anything microwaveable. Now, I cook every day and always seek new challenges. I'm just much better at baking cakes and sweet treats rather than savoury dishes. 

The day I got told that I passed probation just happened to fall the day after pay day. So I excused my shopping addiction as a well deserved treat and bought myself some new make-up.


I adore it when Dannii and I go shopping but sometimes, when in need of specific things, I like to be by my little psychotic self and treat it like a mission. I put in my headphones and march around the shop like I'm a detective in search of clues. 

I blew a day's wages in under an hour and I don't regret any of it.

I went to Boots first and was a little disappointed as they didn't have in many new collections. I still purchased the foundation that I wanted, a press powder recommended by a colleague (the same one that got me into Provocalips) and a purple lipstick that I'm still sort of getting used to (I'm very funny about lip products and there sustainability). 

The foundation so far is brilliant. It's full coverage and has covered my breakout (due to the stresses of every day life) and the powder was a great finishing touch. I plan to do a proper make-over and review each item I use in a separate blog post some time this week.

Although, blue hair and purple lipstick is my new favourite thing.

After my mini-haul I went to check out what Superdrug had to offer and it saved the day!

In my last blog post, I wrote a detailed wish list of what lipsticks I desired and I actually found one! 

I bought the Apocalips Lip Lacquer. So far it seems pretty good. I trust Rimmel and it is definitely my number one for lip products. The spplicator has a small semi-circular dent in it so one swipe on the bottom lip and one swipe on the top lip seems like enough product to wear. 

I also fed into my neon eye needs and purchased a smaller palette, easier to carry when on the move. 

I've been pretty busy lately so haven't had chance to play with it yet.

My hair, although I keep it top up with blue real-ness, hasn't been treated to it's usual hair cut and oil recently so I decided to give it a break from life with these beauties.

Although for the health of my hair I still need a good trim, it has stopped further damage from previous bleaching (roots, damn them), split ends and heat applied directly to my hair. I even got the bottom oils on offer, 2 for £6.00. 

Jamie tells me off for buying stuff at the til and yet I continue to do so. They position this stuff around the til for easily pleased idiots likes myself. But I still don't regret it.

I've been walking around smelling like a giant marshmallow for days.

I bought these in Boots for a pound each but heard that they go in Asda for as little as 79p. May have to haul Imperial Leather products for Christmas. 

Ending the make-up haul is something that I purchased on Ebay for £3.15 (RRP £6.99). 

I left this off my wishlist because I didn't know it existed and unless specifically searched for, neither does Google. Good old make-up obsessed colleague of mine.

Provocalips 'Kiss Fatal.' It's so beautiful :'( 

I will forever swear by this product and almost have the full collection. They need to release more! 

After my first week back at work, my Dad decided to take me shopping and have a Daddy/Daughter day. I finished work early and then we headed to Matalan and straight to the sale rail. He was working nights all through September so we rarely get to hang out just us two since I moved out.

I bought this beautiful number. It was discounted from £20.00 to £8.00! 

A girl can never own enough dresses. Especially one that feels the need to post Outfits on Instagram as often as possible. Hopefully one day I'll get paid to do shit like that.

I also bought a very Autumn vibes checked shirt. Is it just me that associated checked shirts with Autumn? Possibly. Well I tend to only wear them around Autumn time. I have no idea why.

I adore the versatility of shirts like this. You can wear it buttoned up, with leggings, with jeans, with skirts, tucked in, hanging out, undone. So many options. Mine tend to be limited due to my big ass booty but I still love wearing it.

I spent the weekend baking Caramel Slices which, if you stay tuned, I'm about to blog about. I was originally going to tag it to this post but it needs it's own dedication and it'll be easier for people to use as a recipe guide. 

That's life so far. It's not too bad. How's yours been?

Have you hauled any make-up lately? Link me below!

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Cookie Cake Hybrids and Autumn Lips Wishlisting.

I do this thing where I fixate and become obsessed with things. I got really obsessed with costume making but I live with three guys in a modest sized flat and so had no room to continue with this obsession and then I developed it with face painting (which I still love to do) but found that I didn't have the time or the photogenic-ness to be able to do this all the time either. Also, skin that reacts to things- a lot. 

When I lived with my parents, we didn't have the time, space or resources to cook or bake things to the capacity that I do now. We had a really small kitchen and my parents would come in from work, cook a quick meal and then chill and go to sleep. My brother slept downstairs and worked at 4am with my Dad so when they were done, I couldn't then go down and bake or cook to my hearts content.

Due to this, I believe 22 years of not being able to bake in the family home (they never stopped me, as I said it was just not as available as it is to me now), I have become a baking Queen. My three flat mates don't mind, as stated in yesterday's blog post, they have access to free cookies and cakes majority of the time. 

Today, I accidentally made hybrids! 

My parents learned of my new domestic Goddess-ness and so kindly bought me some essentials that I had been missing. 

I was originally making cookies and then last minute decided that I wanted to try out my new cake tin. The result - cookie-cake hybrids. Hard cookie on the outside and soft cake mixture on the in!

They taste pretty good, the texture is definitely something new and they look okay. They are quite fun to play with too.

After all of the fun I had with baking hybrids, I then sat down and thought about the make-up list I need for Wednesday. With my new love for purple and dark reds, Autumn and the fact that most of my make-up is outdated, this Pay-day I am going make-up shopping! (Jamie banned me from clothes shopping.)

I have come up with the Ultimate Autumn Wishlist. The title suggests it revolves around my lips but I found a new foundation that I want to try too!

In no particular order...

1. Jeffree Star - I'm Royalty 

I've been lusting after Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks for a while. Still obsessed with Jaw Breaker too and now that I have blue hair, I want it even more.

2. Black Moon Cosmetics - Deranged 

These guys are brand spanking new and already being associated with two of my favourite people on the interweb.

One of those people being Steven Joseph. Writer/Musician and all around enthusiast. Also a genuinely beautiful person inside and out.

I adore this shade and look at the packaging! 

Image: Facebook

3. Manic Panic Vampire Red Matte Lipstick  

 Another thing that drew me into this was the packaging. I love lipstick that doesn't just come in plain tubes. 

4. MAC Cosmetics - Cyber

I am yet to own any MAC Cosmetics. It's one of those things that I've longed to do since I was a little girl watching my Mother put on her make-up and because it's such an old dream, I think I'm scared of being disappointed. It's like the theory of meeting your favourite celebrity. Apparently it's ill advised because they will probably break your heart being a massive douche. (Gerard Way called his kid Bandit, he cannot be a massive douche on those grounds alone.) 

Image: MAC

5. Purple Poison / Pretty Zombie Cosmetics 

These guys first of all sound cool as fuck. Self proclaimed vegan producers have made a lipstick that can alter to a pinkish shade in the light. (Most lipsticks probably do but it's nice that they use this as a selling point.)

6. Collection: Aubergine Kiss

This one was recommended in a chat I came across on Twitter and the shade looks better than the name suggests. (A guy I know is a chef that specialises in Aubergine dishes, I know, I didn't know they were that popular either.)

Image: Collection

7. Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Lacquer

I am a self-proclaimed number one fan of Rimmel. Most of my Make-Up kit is Rimmel Products and a product that I will forever swear by is the Provocalips collection. (Blogged about here). 

This product has the whole assortment for me. Catchy title, lovely shades, low price and the packaging. (I need it to look good in my bag as well as on my face.)

I am also in love with lipsticks that are liquid to matte. 

Image: Boots 

That about covers the lipsticks that I have come across and desire to purchase, re-home and fall in love with but if you have more suggestions then please put them in the comments box below so that I can check them out! 

Last but not least and semi-related (I started this post about baking so you're probably used to my eclectic personality and ramblings), a foundation that I want but can't justify spending the money on. 

I'm frugal. I'm in a relationship with a man and a frie-lationship with my best friend who are both insanely good at saving money. They have thousands saved in the bank and still live pretty good lifestyles. Their tip, save for months and then have a massive splurge because by then you will have built up interest. Also, multiple bank accounts. Without access to it, you can't blow it.

I'm alright at saving. I have savings, I'm never without and have a decent job but my taste in everything is expensive. I want every Hell Bunny dress I have ever come across and have fallen in love with a mansion in my town. No biggie, only a cool couple of mill. 

But of course, I am not rich. I have a flat to pay for, a job that is on a fixed term basis and specified qualifications because I'm a dickhead. All of these things prevent me from spending this much on foundation. I usually attempt to buy each product of make-up for under a tenner. The brands I go for are high quality at least. 

Another MAC product. Probably the fear of disappointment preventing me here also.

Number 8: MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

I also struggle to find my correct face shade and have sensitive skin sometimes. Yes, sometimes. Sometimes I can go months without a breakout and use every product under the Sun but then all of a sudden, I will have a breakout and everything wants to hurt me.
Image: MAC

What's your opinion of Mac? Do you have an Autumn or Make-Up Wishlist? Link me below or tweet me so I can check them out! 

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Introducing M&M Rainbow Cookies

It's my last two days off work and I have had no plans. This is ideal because I'm about to go back to a super stressful office job and I have a feeling that this week is going to be insane. 

I started my day out slowly. Cuddled and chatted to Jamie in bed before he went off to watch the F1 and I enjoyed a cooked breakfast and romantic comedies in bed. I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

After this, I donned a new Autumn outfit and planned what I was going to do that day. I didn't want to put on make-up and actually venture out of the flat but I'm not the type to just sit down all day.

As I stated in yesterday's blog post, I am a new fan of Purples. 

All of the above: Primark. Except for the Cardigan which is about a century old and from a Catalogue that doesn't exist anymore. The Shoes were from a sale in Shoe Zone.

After getting dressed and cleaning the flat, I sat and scrolled through Bloglovin.' It has a new notification alert which forces me to not neglect it for weeks on end. Quite smart and useful as I was inspired to bake by a fellow blogger.

I saw this blog post written by Leah over at Leah Talks and thought I'd give M&M rainbow cookies a try. Although I tend not to eat more than one portion of the stuff I bake, my three flat mates adore that they have constant access to free cookies and cakes and I like to experiment. 

Considering this is the first thing I've ever baked from scratch and I don't have half of the equipment needed (weighing scales for example), they turned out OK. Jamie likes them at least :')

Although I've linked the original blog post, I'll re-post the ingredients and method below for those who are interested in giving it a try.


You shall need: 

300g Caster Sugar (or Granulated sugar if like me, you couldn't find any)

1 Egg (I found Medium was the best size)

200g Butter

325g Self Raising Flour 

200g M&Ms (or any chocolate you enjoy but M&M's and smarties are perfect for the rainbow stain)

(The original recipe contained white chocolate which was left out of this because my flat mates aren't big fans of white chocolate).


1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. 

2. Whisk (or spoon) together the sugar and butter.

3. Crack the egg into the mixture and mix again.

4. Add the flour in a little bit at a time until it forms a dough.

5. Add the M&M's and stir into the mixture.

6. Get some grease-proof paper or do what I did and oil a baking tray (or butter could work) to prevent the mixture from sticking to the tray.

7. Grab two spoons (I found this easier) or use your hands to place lumps of dough on a baking tray (or if you have the stencils, make cool and funky shapes with them!). These will expand so make sure you leave plenty of room.

8. Put them in your oven between ten and twenty minutes. Cookies continue to cook after they have been removed from the oven and so you're looking for the outsides to be a golden brown colour. 

9. Leave them on the side for half an hour to cool and harden. The 'baked brown' colour will come out more as they cool.

Sit back and enjoy your cookies! 


Big thank you to Leah for sharing this recipe and making my Sunday-like-Saturday a not boring one. 

You can also follow Leah at  or over on Bloglovin' (where I found her blog.)

What have you cooked/baked lately? Share your links below so I can check them out and try them!

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Autumn, Mermaid Vibes and Life.

This is the longest I have been without blogging. I felt like I was posting for the sake of it and lost a bit of purpose to it so took a little break and really thought about the direction that I wanted my blog to go in.

And life got in the way. I've just recently taken a week off work and the flat hasn't half been in turmoil. We live in a ground floor flat which was ultimately perfect for around 6 weeks. Then we noticed that we had mould that all of a sudden appeared everywhere. Then we had damp that wet EVERYTHING and then we found a rat in our kitchen cupboard that had come through the pipes. It's been a hectic few weeks and I have been emotionally and physically drained. I've also been super ill for about a month now which has led to a bad sleeping pattern, a chesty cough and just generally feeling shitty.

As well as all of the disarray in the flat, I've actually had some really good times. If you follow me on any Social Media, but in particular Instagram, then you'll see that I have been a busy little lady on mini adventures and a new obsession with baking - which my flat mates love because there's always cake lying around.

I've also thought about different forms of blogging. I love nothing more than instant sharing and that's why I'm such a fan of Instagram. I'm always on the go and rarely have time to just sit and blast out a post, especially a simple OOTD post, and so have been thinking of vlogging and vining and different ways to get my passions out there. I'm still working on that. 


So, what have I been up to? Well, for those that don't follow me on other Social Media platforms (and actually for people that do), this post is about to become very photo heavy. They're cool pictures though. I've been heavily into fashion lately and my boyfriend has now put me on a clothes shopping ban because our flat is not big enough to hold my ever expanding wardrobe. I have my Autumn/Winter wardrobe sorted now, next make-up!

My boyfriend and flat mate went to Malia on holiday for a week (wasn't jealous at all, nope, not) and my other flat mate works night shifts so I was pretty much alone for a period of time. It sucked. I thought that living with three other people that I would relish this time to myself, walking around the flat naked and doing whatever I wanted without fear of disrupting someone else's plans. Nope. It really sucked. This is the time that the mould spread, the damp appeared and we realised we had a rat. At first, after watching many crime/ghost/horror documentaries before bed, I thought it was a ghost/someone trying to break in and murder me. When I realised it was a rat, I'm not sure which one I'd have preferred.

To conquer my fear of my own flat, I went out. Out of the whole week I think I was home for like, two days.  Besides being at work, the first thing I did was go shopping with my Mama. We get on so well now but my bank account hates her :') We blew a load of cash in Primark (fav shop everrr) and then I treated her to a spot of dinner in a pub.

My Dad had started covering a late shift around this time and I didn't like the thought of  my Mama being alone either but we couldn't stay over each other's houses due to practicality over work. Instead we arranged to go to the cinema a few days later. 

I wore the dress that my Mum encouraged me to buy. I wasn't too sure about it because I usually stick to a particular cut of dress, ya know, being a larger lady and all, but I actually quite like it.

My Mum is so funny. I said we should get a photo together and as she is aware that I am heavily into Social Media and have a blog. She said: "I'm not ready to be famous yet but you can have one photo." :') My Mum apparently has high hopes for me.

We went to see Legend. It was more because it was at a suitable time as our cinema isn't that great. A new one is being built as part of a massive shopping/restaurant complex and so I think it may even be driven to shut down. After seeing this film, I realised that I was definitely on the Tom Hardy band wagon. As well as being physically attractive, he played completely different characters so convincingly. I followed up on some interviews and other bits around the web and he seems like a great role model, very down to Earth and a personality I wouldn't struggle to get on with.

After this, I thought I would treat my Mum to McDonald's. She loves Maccy D's and it was a bit late for her to go home and cook something, especially since she hates cooking.

It was around here that my Mum was all 'teenage girl' and said that she would leave my Dad (who she's been with for over 25 years) for one night with Tom Hardy. She also showed me her new belly button piercing and tattoos :') I love her, she's been a Mother and Wife most of her life and always put herself last but now we've grown and it's mainly just her and my Dad knocking around (my Brother is moving to Australia in October), she's finally learning to splurge on herself and come out of her shell. She was the one that, in the end, embraced my blue hair and encouraged me to be myself. We make a great team.

After a Momma/Daughter date and a semi-decent night's sleep from illness, Dannii and I had planned to go and blow a load of savings in the Metro up in Newcastle. It had been ages since we went 'proper shopping.'

It was so much fun. I felt like I had worked out in the Gym all day and we had to make a pit stop after blowing my budget in the first shop. (Guess what? It was a gigantic Primark.) 

It would take me the next 200 years to blog about all the clothing I bought and they will feature in future OOTD posts so they'll get covered. 

I did buy this AMAZING outfit though. People keep commenting about my overuse of Emoji's. I'm a very awkward person and I feel obliged to say something online, anything or even add that stupid laughing/crying face to EVERYTHING just to take the seriousness out of the text. The thing about writing stuff online or in text is that you have no context. None. And I can't do confrontation. A while a go I tweet replied to someone and they took my tweet completely out of context until I re-worded it and added an emoji, then they apologised and laughed, I believe the emoji took the edge off. (Probably not.) 

Anyway, this is something else...

I wore it to work and everyone was like; "Oh my days, it's so you!" aha!

We also visited the Disney store (it's totally not just for kids) and our obsession...the beautiful shop known as Lush.

The problem with Lush is that I could just stay in there all day playing with all of the products. I ended up buying a multipurpose clay-dough thing (it's a shampoo, bubble bath, soap and clay-dough all in one! And you can paint yourself with it) and a Space Bomb. I was insanely hungover the following weekend and I believe these products saved my life.

I was so entertained that the bath was glittery and blue, just like my hair.

We also saw this...

I just wanted to have a hot bath, sit next to it in a towel and try it all! Since then I have come out in spots from an allergic reaction to my foundation so I may have to order some online.

It was at the metro I realised I had an obsession with pencil skirts. I may actually dedicate a post purely to my pencil skirt collection. They look smart though, or they would but it's me wearing them.

I rarely wear trousers/jeans unless I have to. They're just not comfortable to me but pencil skirts and dresses or even just leggings (around the flat) make me feel like I'm on cloud nine.

I bought two really thick, gorgeous cardigans too. It's that stupid time of the year where it starts out really cold and then all of a sudden it's a freaking heatwave by lunch. These are great at keeping the cold and heat out whilst maintaining a good internal(?) temperature.

After a full day shopping, we went to Subway for a spot of Lunch and retreated to the car to eat it. I have decided that people can be so effing rude to strangers. Like, I know that I draw attention to myself with the whole clashing fashion and neon blue hair but that's what makes me comfortable. Have a look, even question me about my hair (which the lady that I got my new handbag from actually did, she loved it and was so thrilled) but do not sit behind your sandwich whispering to your husband/boyfriend/male friend/brother/whoever the fuck he was whilst glaring at me and Dannii. She did it the whole time we were there so, naturally, we made it worse by snapping a selfie.

Kids these days.

When we returned to the car, before we had even gotten to and into the car, this guy was sat parked in the road. When he signaled to ask if we were moving I signaled back a polite no (we hadn't even packed the car yet) and so he raised his middle finger and drove off in a mood. The car park was practically empty when we got there, early bird and all that, and we're definitely not going to move to someone who is such an arsehole. 

After these events, it was the start to my week off work. I've done absolutely nothing. I cleaned the flat twice, went shopping, entertained a friend and just chilled. It's weird being out of routine. I was still waking up because my boyfriend and/or flat mates were going to work and I'm a light sleeper but then I was just kind of dossing around and it made me a little anxious. It reminded me of the time I was unemployed and that I'm in my last week and a bit of probation at work. which determines if I keep my job or not. I had a little cry and went back to bed. It was horrible. My boyfriend and friend's are so good at re-assuring me though.

Dannii and I decided to meet up again before she ventured to Birmingham for Eurogamer. We went to Middlesbrough this time for a spot of food and to see the Visit. We left about two hours before the movie and were still somehow late. We scraped it just in time though, Jebus loves those trailers.

They also mistook me for a student which I didn't notice until we'd left the till. I felt really bad but then really good because I haven't been a student for over a year now. Ohhhhh, Nostalgia. 

I say I did nothing but actually I baked...a lot, which the boys loved because as I said there's always cake lying around somewhere.

I have a few baking projects lined up. I have a lot of projects lined up. I just need the energy to do them.

With any budding fashionista, I like to dress up when cleaning and baking. I pretend I'm from the fifties or a vintage housewife that lives for this stuff. Makes it much more fun. (The cleaning part more than the baking, I really enjoy baking/cooking but that inevitably leads to more cleaning.)

Last Saturday, after approximately a month of hermit-ting, I decided to join my lovely friends and Brother on a much needed night out...which I regret. I haven't been able to touch a drop of alcohol since because I drank a bottle (probably a bit more) of wine before leaving and then my brother plied me with multiple spirit based shots and drinks. I was actually sick on myself because I'm so classy. The photos are hilarious though.

The night out started off well with my mismatched make-up and clashing fashion...

My beautiful best friend and her gorgeous Hell Bunny dress and tutu. I love this photo. She annoys me a lot but I wouldn't change her for the world. 

And then this happened...

I was sick seconds later.

*You should always drink responsibly, I have amazing friends and boyfriend and I'm a total idiot*

It took me two days to recover from this hangover. 

After recovering, I entertained my other best friend Kim. We are very low maintenance friends that build up stuff to tell each other over a period of weeks, sometimes even months, before having the ultimate catch up. 

We lead very different lives. She's the baby of the group and yet probably the most mature. She's in a long term relationship, a full time job, college (soon to be uni) and has little jobs on the side as well as taking care of her little sister and other family members from time to time.

I got all dressed up in my bluest clothes and baked us a cake. The cake exploded and I ended up shoving in an oven meal but I fed her her wine so no-one cares.

The catch up was so good that she then fell asleep on my sofa :')

She looks like a little doll. She's so cute. 


Today was my flat mate Rob's birthday. I woke up super early (not really, earlier than usual for a day off) and went to the shop for some supplies. I needn't have rushed as he was asleep for the next 2-3 hours. He works irregular shifts and is actually on a night shift tonight so I feel a little guilty that my muttering about woke him up at 1pm-ish.

My other flat mate and I (Jamie was at work) knocked on his bedroom door after we heard movement and told him to come to the kitchen. We were armed with poppers and them silly little whistle things.

He definitely didn't expect it.

Yes, that is a birthday Princess banner and card. We have a very peculiar friendship.

I accidentally let a popper off too close to his face and it skimmed his nose. This resulted in him locking me out of the flat for ten minutes as punishment. It was so funny though, I was on the floor in fits of laughter and had tears streaming down my face. 

After the initial excitement (I think I was more excited than him), everyone went about their own lives and Jamie and I went on a date day. He treated me to lunch at our formal local hangout when he lived with his Mama and I used to visit on weekends.

The place has changed dramatically. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just a lot different to how we remember it being. The meals are smaller and a lot has disappeared off the menu. I think with the council building a new complex thing, a lot of other businesses may change/shut down.

I, of course, dressed up for the occasion. Now that I am prepared, I am embracing the upcoming winter months. 

Greens, oranges, browns and purples scream Autumn to me. I'm going make-up shopping next weekend to buy more season appropriate make-up (and because I'm allergic to the foundation that I'm using now). Today's OOTD was nature inspired, the make-up to reflect that (which totally clashed with my hair) and I finally got to use my Provocalips '730 Make Your Move' chocolate pink lipstick (I blogged about my love for Provocalips here.) 

I think that about wraps up my adventures during my absence. Oh, one last thing though. I bought mermaid leggings!

They go suitably well with my mermaid choker and blue hair.

Resting Bitch Face be strong.

Some people comment on my mermaid obsession. But...

What fashion/lifestyle/beauty posts have you published lately? Link me below!

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