Fashionable Fitness

As I may have mentioned once or twice, *cough* my new thing is cycling.

So far I'm on day 3, disregarding that horrendous attempt when I purchased the bike, and I'm feeling fitter!

I can ride for longer without my legs feeling like they're on fire (did I mention I'm horrendously unfit?), I have more energy to do things and I rarely think "I cannot be bothered," anymore. 

I still can't go uphill. I'm not ashamed to admit it, it takes time and practice and my butt is sooooo sore! I need to get some form of gel seat put in place. Pimpmyride2k15.

I can ride without getting unbelievably out of breath now and even went head on into gale force winds and rain today. I felt good when I got home.

Just because I'm trying to get into health and fitness does not mean that I do not like to look the part.

I usually pack a cardigan into my bag and wear my neon pink hi viz jacket to battle the elements on the way to work. 

Also this is my cycling outfit...

I'm 99% sure that so many people hate this when I walk into work before changing but I really don't care.

1. Who can hate neon clothing?
2. Be safe, be seen is the number 1 motto that any cyclist should abide by.

I was cycling through the car park to the bike storage and when I got into work my colleague said that he could see me from a mile away. See, I'm not getting hit by any cars!

Jacket: £33.43 - Amazon
Trainers: £14.95 - Ebay
Bag: £20.00 - TK Maxx

What are your fitness fashions?

The Cycle Scheme

Over the years I've heard many people and companies talking about cycle schemes in which people and employers can purchase some sort of tax free bike and follow the government's 'green plan.'

I've admittedly shunned it for lack of understanding and still have no desire to participate in the cycle scheme (as I'm fortunate enough to own my own bike) but the more I get into cycling, the more I see the relevance of such services.

I've heavily relied on public transport since I was a kid. I grew up in an army village and so we had to get the bus out of said village for things like shopping and days out. As I grew older I depended on it for things such as University. I remained a home student whist travelling a 60 mile round trip daily to attend my University 30ish miles away. And then my boyfriend got a car and I may have accidently abused that privilege (sorry Jamie). 

I don't mind travelling, it can be quite fun, but public transport seizes to be reliable (traffic, accidents, vehicle failure, problem passengers - not necessarily the public services fault) and if I'm late for work, they would probably fire me.

I decided to take up cycling for an array of reasons; it's beneficial to my health, I could lose a few pounds (I weighed myself today and was horrified!) and I would never have to rely on public transport again.

Today I did a 'test' run and realised it was the best decision I have ever made.

The scenery of my chosen route (suggested by the boyfriend as he used to cycle to work) was absolutely stunning. I used to catch a bus down a main busy road and then another one up one for over 6 months and now I'm kicking myself for not getting a bike sooner.


I now realise that a lot of these photographs look the same but it was truly breathtaking in person.

I even learned a few tips and tricks from Thursday's disastrous ride home.

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Always carry a bottle of liquid, preferably water,  as you need to keep replacing the fluids that your body loses during physical exertion. I.e. sweating.

2. Music

You should always keep it low enough to hear people/traffic/your surroundings. Preferably just wear one headphone. Music boosts my adrenaline when cycling. The Caesars 'Jerk It Out' has been my jam for like 10 years now.

3. Dress appropriately 

I used to hate it in school when teachers dictated to wear appropriate clothing on school trips. Almost 12 years later, I actually think they were right. 

I wore a heavy winter coat and cardigan to cycle home on Thursday, you can read about that awful experience here. It was totally inappropriate to cycle in and oncoming cars probably couldn't see me.

I bought some fabulous neon pink Nike Airs (which haven't arrived yet. Boooo), a neon pink hi viz jacket and a neon yellow bag. My boyfriend hates it. I can't even express how utterly amazing it is. The rule is 'Be safe, be seen.' Cyclists are not going to stand a chance against an incoming vehicle. If they can see you, you're less likely to be in an accident.

I finally got a phone contract. Ooooo all adult.  

You can see me fall off from China!

I'm loving cycling and my lifestyle change so far. I'm very fortunate to have the support that I do. Jamie wrote a status on Facebook expressing how proud of me he is for having the courage to do this. I definitely couldn't do it without the likes of my boyfriend and friends.

What fitness routine do you indulge in?

You can read more about the cycle scheme here.

If I'm Gonna Do It, I'm Gonna Do It In A Ridiculous Shade Of Pink #Healthkick

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I'm having a lifestyle change. Cutting out the crap, clean eating and exercise. 

Today, I picked up my bike! My parents decided that they would kindly buy it for me as an early birthday present. I picked it up from Halfords for just under £100 and paid £20 extra for them to build it.

I cycled home as practice for Monday's cycle to work and to get used to it as I haven't been on a bike in around 7 years. I nearly died.

I'm disgustingly unfit. I like to blame the big winter jacket I was wearing but it was mainly because I am so unhealthy. I rode up a hill and had to stop because I couldn't even breathe. It took me quite a while to get home because I was inhumanely hot, couldn't breathe and had painfully watery eyes due to the wind.

When I got home my legs were like jelly and my arse has been forming a bruise from the hard seat ever since. I need practice.

My healthy eating has been going quite well. My parents have had takeout two days in a row (my Dad has busted his arm and works horrendously long hours at his job) and I've resisted temptation (only just) by sticking to primarily salads and lots of water. 

The first salad pictured was utterly volatile. It looked, smelled and tasted like glue. I still ate it two days in a row at work though. 

I really need to go shopping and get a variety of healthy foods. I have formed an addiction to grapes though.

To keep myself motivated for my daily cycle to and from work, I thought I needed the 'proper' attire. My Dad was already pressuring me about the safety of being a cyclist on the road and so I appropriately bought a jacket and some trainers!

If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it in the most ridiculous shade of pink.

Have any of you changed your lifestyle into a healthier one? Any advice?

#MOTD Health-kicks and Collaborations.

Usually I love nothing more than to plaster bright make-up on.

The past few days have been shitty and so today I wore black to reflect my shitty mood.

I got an email that made me smile though. 

Prairie Charms emailed me asking if I would like to collaborate with them in the name of charity. Of course I accepted and so that will feature on the blog when I receive my goodies.

Also, I'm trying out something new. A diet? Maybe. A lifestyle change? Yes. That probably explains the moods. I bought a bike to cycle to work and have changed my diet completely. Not necessarily to lose weight, although that's an added bonus, but I feel unhealthy. My moods are low, my skin is horrible, I'm lethargic all the time, I have 0 energy for anything and I feel like crap because all I eat is crap. I've taken it upon myself, whilst I'm still young enough to stop any major harm being done, to change my diet and lifestyle and generally live a healthier one. 

I think not giving in to cravings is the worst. I've been fairly strict with myself as I'm a want it/eat it kind of girl and if I slip once, I'll just give up. Who knew Monster and chocolate actually tasted that great? I need to get my hands on some green tea ASAP. 

I also drank nearly 4 litres of water today, by accident, trying to fill the 'please eat crap because I'm hungry' void. I was at work needing the toilet every five effing minutes. 

Do you guys have any healthy recipes, tips/advice or exercise regimes to share?

Studio Clothes Haul! My Week of Adventures.

Earlier in the week, I posted about receiving several packages from online shopping. (Read that post here). I spent the rest of the week trying out my new clothes.

I adore online and Catalogue shopping. You'll often find sales and bargains lying around and I always find that I can buy more for my money (maybe because I'm not buying everything in sight). 

The Purchases

I bought three cardigans. I originally bought two vest tops and some boots on top of that but they were sold out. Boooo.

Outfit 1

Of course, clashing fashion. I wear this shirt so much.

On Wednesday's we wear pink. 

My boyfriend has never seen Mean Girls. I have to make it a relationship goal for this to happen. My entire life is a Mean Girls reference. That's so fetch!

I treated Jamie to some dinner on Wednesday. Partly so my awesome new outfits weren't just worn to work and partly because I adore little date nights.

Outfit 2

This next one is one of my favourite new outfits. The cardigan is very 'loud' - like me.

I'm obsessed with an app called 'Mirror Pics.' Make my endless amount of Instagram uploads a bit more interesting. 

I call this outfit: 'The Psychedelic Nun.'

Outfit 3

I don't have a full outfit photo for my fake fur pastel pink cardigan but if you look at the first photo and these two, you get the idea. 

This cardigan was the best for a day/night out to Durham as I didn't want to wear a coat but didn't want to get too cold either. 

I always feel classy when I wear fake fur. I wore my leopard print dress and went for the smokey eye effect.

It was a great time in Durham. I lost my lipstick which upset me slightly but I gained a silk rose from a lovely lady in one of the pubs.

I was reunited with my best friend after months of conflicting work hours too. That made it less weird that I was the only girl out for a while.

I somehow broke the tip of my acrylic nail which is annoying me because for the first time in a while, I found the perfect shape and length for me to work with.


I'm tired today. I work days throughout the week and can never lie in on weekends. On Saturday morning Jamie's alarm went off at 6am. It was bothersome but Jamie shot up out of bed thinking that he had work which made it quite funny. 

Today I woke up around 7 and then couldn't shut my eyes again. I cuddled into Jamie for a while and then decided to play Assassins Creed. Jamie bought it but decided that he didn't like it and so it's mine, all mine! I finally got the key off the guard in sequence 2. I don't have the stealth or patience to sit and play this game for hours like others that I know. I gave up soon after I had to kill the three guards without being detected or getting Benjamin killed. 

It took a few goes but I got there. Getting the almanac pages gets on my wick as well. I still haven't managed to do it.

Jamie woke up and then we blasted Rayman Legends for a while. We are so close to completing the game! We only really play on weekends because it can get quite intense. 

If we ever break up, Rayman is to blame.

If you're interested in where I got my clothes from you'll find them here:

Was £28.00 now £4.99-£5.99

Was £25.00 now £5.49

Was £45.00 now £14.99 
(I have one in grey and one in pink, I love them)

To sum it up, I got £98.00 worth of clothing for £26.47. Bargain!

What have you bought lately? 

Well, you know my babbling capabilities are infinite...

I have so many blog posts that I want to write and so little time.

I have a lot of ideas for the direction of this blog and the kind of content that I want to feature and so I finally bought a little notebook, that I had to share with you all, to keep my infinite amount of ideas in. I also have a pretty bad memory and so can I finally remember all the awesome ideas I want to blog about, it's also pretty handy for work.

Okay, so it is a Monster High notebook but my favourite colour is pink and Draculaura is adorable.
Plus, it is impossible to stress in the workplace if you're writing stuff down in this notepad. It's all about my long term health ;)

I also talk so much crap I may remember the point in a conversation if I write it down.
A guy at work confessed today that he didn't like me at first because of my brightly coloured clothing and infinite babbling capabilities. 

I genuinely have a fear of silences. Half the time I don't even realise that I'm talking. Awks.

My best friends and boyfriend also confessed to having 'switch off mode' in which they basically stand with me still talking to them and keywords switch them back in at the right moment :')

Dannii loves our long phone calls though. So much gossip, so little time! 
She's secretly as bad as me.

What are your favourite purchases lately?

#OOTD Clashing Fashion

Still obsessing over clashing prints with some pearls for work.

Also, Flash Tattoos are awesome!

Today, I'm rocking the feather partially around my wrist.

Basic makeup because I value my sleep.

I had a really stressful day at work which caused a painful migraine. Coming home to packages made me feel better.

I ordered some clothes from a catalogue that my Mum runs. I totally forgot that I ordered them so it's like an unexpected myself! 

What are your clashing fashions? Link me below!

From Brunette to Blonde and Tackling Eyebrows.

I previously wrote a blog post about my long lived lust to be a luscious blonde (you can read that here) and that day has finally arrived!

I booked an appointment for Saturday for a full colour to get rid of the brassy undertones and awful roots that had grown over 2 months (I got two bouts of highlights in between) before my next full colour.

2 hours later and my 21 year old dream became reality.

The process was long (like, over 6 months long) and I still have to maintain my new blonde locks but here's a few pics of what's been going on.

The dark hair I started with.

Selfie with my huge forehead.

The result! You can see every step of the way including a home dye that you all can skip (I recommend you go straight to the hairdresser because they won't have to fix any home dye disasters) on the previous post linked at the top. 

My hairdresser is amazing. If you're in my area you have to get your hair done by her! She's so funny too, always has a hilarious story to tell and makes the best coffee!

Feeling blue with dark 'brows

Now I just need to tackle the new bane of my life. Eyebrows. I swear Chewbacca went missing and landed on my face. 

I get them threaded every three weeks (ish) but I feel they're too dark for my unnaturally blonde hair (didn't see that coming) and according to my brow lady, lightening eyebrows doesn't exist?!

What do you guys recommend? Any eyebrow tips and tricks for fake blondes? 
Share your opinions!