Chinese Food and Face Masks

This weekend, I am celebrating my One Year anniversary with Jamie! Woooo.

Unfortunately, Jamie is in Center Parcs with his family for his Mum’s birthday (Shout out to Mama Fay and her sister Gail, happy birthday guys!), enjoying lots of fun sports (laser tag followed by swimming with wave machine, rapids and slides, etc.) and an en-suite bathroom with a whirlpool bath that has underwater lights. I’m not jealous. I’m so jealous.

So to relax, I painted my nails and ordered some Chinese food. Had a hot shower and did my weekly routine of Silver Shampooing my hair. By 8 o’clock I was a little bored. I mean, Jamie is in Center Parcs!

So I decided to get into the fluffiest pajamas that I own, scrape my blonde locks back and pack on a face mask. I’m not overly self conscious about my looks but I wear a lot of make up daily and have the implant so spots have become a problem that I would rather not have.

I have two favourite Face-masks which I equally love and hate for a bunch of reasons…

Avon Solutions - Pure Pore-fection.

This is such a messy product. I love the menthol feel when it sets on my face, I love the refreshed ‘baby face’ feeling I get when I wipe it off, I love the weird squeezy alien goo smell (people my age will relate) that is has. The only thing I dislike about this product is the amount of mess that it produces. Once it sets on my face and I feel that it is time to wash it off, once I move my eyes or lips in the slightest, the whole thing cracks all over the place.

When I wash it off over the sink, the tiny cracked pieces go everywhere and when they mix with the water…green sludgy mess everywhere. Ergh.

My face feels so good after though, it’s almost worth the mess.

That brings me to my shared favourite Face-mask…

Glorious Mud 

This one was a complete bargain. I was walking through my local shopping centre and went to pick up a Monster Energy before I went to lunch with my bestie.

I was strolling through the shop and when I hit the til, I saw it. This ‘Glorious Mud’ facial mask for the glorious price of £1.00.

This product has no mess whatsoever. Apply evenly on the face and a quick wet wipe of the fingers (unlike Pore-Fection, I had to soak my hands in hot, soapy water for a good ten minutes) and continue on your way.

The bottle says leave for 15 minutes but I didn’t feel that was long enough. It didn’t set for quite a long time but had a silky feel to it which kept my face cool and I was able to move without fear of ‘bits’ falling off everywhere, About 45 minutes later, the mask had set. I washed it off in under a minute. No mess anywhere. It was amazing.

My face felt fresh and my skin was so smooth.

What face masks do you guys recommend?

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