Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation Review

Yesterday I received the best post ever. I got a free sample Aveeno Moisturising cream and the 32 piece pink Make Up Brush Set I ordered from Ebay. I also purchased Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation in a Sale :)

The Foundation

I bought this on offer at Boots for the bargain price of £3.99. I’d previously been taking a break from foundations as my skin had an outbreak of spots from using Clearasil (Ohhhh, the irony). The spots haven’t settled as my skin seems to be sensitive to every spot cream in existence (although a friend recommended a couple of products I have yet to try) and so I thought I would experiment with foundation again.

My Dad, bless his soul, bought me a surprise foundation that was unfortunately about 15 shades to dark for my skin. He saw ivory and presumed it was designed for me.

The Collection Lasting Perfection is an easily application, thick formula foundation with a pump to control how much product you wish to use. One small squirt into the palm of my hand covers my entire face and blends into my neck and other areas exceedingly well. Although I still have one or two spots visible and so wouldn’t say that it’s a flawless finish, it covered up all of the blackheads and redness my face seems to adopt, and all of the small annoying spots that exist on my chin. I probably could have applied an extra layer of foundation to cover the larger spots but I dislike packing foundation on as it leaves my face feeling heavy and my pores clogged.

My face feels natural and not too ‘heavy’ which I have experienced with other foundations. As it is a liquid foundation, it dries on my face instantly with a matte finish, ready for the rest of my Make Up to be applied.

The foundation states it lasts for 16 hours. So far, I have been wearing it for 11 hours, it still looks freshly applied and hasn’t dried out my skin. Tomorrow will be the true experiment as to how durable the foundation is when I go out for the night. I also think I need time to adjust to the new foundation and how much is right for my face and skin tone. The redness in my face usually suffers from didn’t reappear whilst wearing this foundation and the dark circles under my eyes subsided.

For the price and the quantity, I would buy this product again and recommend it to a friend. One small application covers a large area and so the product will probably last me a long while.

What foundations do you love and/or hate?

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