DIY Lip Plumper for Under a Fiver

I have the thinnest lips in the history of the Universe. 
In my college days, I was best friends with a blonde bomb shell who had lips that made Scarlett Johansson wish she had bigger puckers. At this time I also earned the nickname ‘eagle lips’ which was just fantastic :’)
Here are a few photos taken over the last year. LOOK AT HOW THIN THEY ARE!
I decided that it was time to do something about it and started looking online for lip plumpers. I couldn’t find any good reviews until I came across several amazing reviews on
I started an intense internet search from the ultimate to the okay and found that Ebay, Amazon and a ton of others sites just didn’t sell any of these products, and the sites I did come across were charging me up to four days wages.
I can never justify to my frugal self spending that amount of money on something that may not work. I cry when I go to the hairdressers for highlights. (Although my hairdresser is amazing!)
I gave up. My dream of Angelina Jolie lips was slowly shattering as I ran out of internet to search and then I came across a few bloggers and beauty sites that talked about using Cinnamon to inflame the lips.
The Theory
The basic theory behind DIY lip plumpers featuring ingredients like Cinnamon is that it irritates the lips, therefore making them plumper and fuller. Aggravating the lips to grow can be painful and even unbearable. The trick is to add the irritating ingredient to a soothing, moisturizing ingredient.
Upon research to make my very own lip plumper, I discovered that majority of the shop bought lip plumpers contained elements such as cinnamon and several of them even contained Chilli Pepper essence. 
The Experiment 
I was originally going to buy Shea Butter but I wanted to make a product that I could apply to my lips throughout the day, not just one that I wore for a short time and had to wipe off. 
I bought Nivea Lip Butter (which contains Shea Butter) for 89p from Morrisons. I got a cheap Ground Cinnamon pot (you can also use cinnamon sticks for this) for 79p from Morrisons.
I scooped out the Lip Butter into a bowl and microwaved it (to make it easier for mixing) for 30 seconds. 
Then I added a heaped teaspoon of Cinnamon and mixed thoroughly. 
Each person will have different lip sensitivity and so may require more or less cinnamon. A teaspoon seemed enough for me.
The Result
The lighting sucks in my house so apologies for the photos. 
Above: Before
Above: After
The photos don’t do it the justice it deserves because the lighting in my house is just awful and my phone camera sucks but if you look closely, you can see that my lips have plumped, in particular the top lip. I’m not Scarlett Johansson just yet but this is the first try and I am pleased with the results. 
All I did was apply with a lip brush and carry on with my day. My lips feel rejuvenated and there was minimal stinging, I’d say it was more of a ‘warm’ feeling.
I have just ordered some Cinnamon Leaf Oil off Ebay for the amazing low price of £2.50 for 10ml. (There was some cheaper ones but I go off reviews and seller rating too). The Cinnamon worked but I feel that the oil is more concentrated and so will have more effect.
What are your DIY beauty products?

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