Fashionable Fitness

As I may have mentioned once or twice, *cough* my new thing is cycling.

So far I'm on day 3, disregarding that horrendous attempt when I purchased the bike, and I'm feeling fitter!

I can ride for longer without my legs feeling like they're on fire (did I mention I'm horrendously unfit?), I have more energy to do things and I rarely think "I cannot be bothered," anymore. 

I still can't go uphill. I'm not ashamed to admit it, it takes time and practice and my butt is sooooo sore! I need to get some form of gel seat put in place. Pimpmyride2k15.

I can ride without getting unbelievably out of breath now and even went head on into gale force winds and rain today. I felt good when I got home.

Just because I'm trying to get into health and fitness does not mean that I do not like to look the part.

I usually pack a cardigan into my bag and wear my neon pink hi viz jacket to battle the elements on the way to work. 

Also this is my cycling outfit...

I'm 99% sure that so many people hate this when I walk into work before changing but I really don't care.

1. Who can hate neon clothing?
2. Be safe, be seen is the number 1 motto that any cyclist should abide by.

I was cycling through the car park to the bike storage and when I got into work my colleague said that he could see me from a mile away. See, I'm not getting hit by any cars!

Jacket: £33.43 - Amazon
Trainers: £14.95 - Ebay
Bag: £20.00 - TK Maxx

What are your fitness fashions?


  1. Oh these shoes are so bright!! I think neon shoes are great for when you're running on the streets. Cars can really see you from a mile away. Plus! What better way to motivate yourself than with a neon pair of shoes!

    x, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  2. They're so comfortable Carina! One of the best purchases I've bought in a while. I love my little cycling outfit, neon pink and yellow EVERYTHING. As well as loving the neon, I know that I can be seen by cars, cyclists and other road users :') When I put on my jacket and shoes I do go into 'fitness' mode which truly helps me keep on track :) xoxo