Flash Metallic Tattoos Are My New Accessory

I am addicted to anything shiny, glittery, covered in gem stones, diamonds, etc. Kind of like a magpie, or a child, and so when Flash Tattoos became known to me, I had to get on that hype. I can finally have a shiny tattoo?!

I first saw photos of Flash Tattoos when I was scrolling through Tumblr on my break at work. I thought they looked amazing, although at the same time I wondered how stick on 'tattoos' came into fashion since I haven't stuck any form of tattoo on myself since I was 5 and got it 'free' inside an awful tasting chewing gum.

Days went by and I was again on my break at work when one of the bloggers I follow on Bloglovin' posted about purchasing Flash Tattoos. (You can read her blog here). It got to that point where I had to try it.

I was scrolling Ebay when this crossed my path.

I have an eagle tattoo on the front of my right shoulder and loved the leopard print in the top left so was drawn to this particular sheet. 

It is exactly the same process as when we were children. But if you have forgotten that process or never experienced it (I feel bad for you, stick on tattoos were the best!) then it comes with a handy instruction segment on the back.

Cut out the tat you want. Find the place you want it and wet it to your arm.

I used a wet towel and waited for the back of the paper to 'slide.'

The Results

I love it! I have a new shiny wrist tattoo that will last for up to a week. 

I still feel that it may be awkward if people ask at work though. 
"Oh, what's on your wrist?"
"A stick on tattoo"

It will accessorize any outfit though. I'm thinking of the leopard print (to match my dress) for Durham this weekend.

If you're interested, I purchased them here.

What are your thoughts on Flash Tattoos?

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