From Brunette to Blonde and Tackling Eyebrows.

I previously wrote a blog post about my long lived lust to be a luscious blonde (you can read that here) and that day has finally arrived!

I booked an appointment for Saturday for a full colour to get rid of the brassy undertones and awful roots that had grown over 2 months (I got two bouts of highlights in between) before my next full colour.

2 hours later and my 21 year old dream became reality.

The process was long (like, over 6 months long) and I still have to maintain my new blonde locks but here's a few pics of what's been going on.

The dark hair I started with.

Selfie with my huge forehead.

The result! You can see every step of the way including a home dye that you all can skip (I recommend you go straight to the hairdresser because they won't have to fix any home dye disasters) on the previous post linked at the top. 

My hairdresser is amazing. If you're in my area you have to get your hair done by her! She's so funny too, always has a hilarious story to tell and makes the best coffee!

Feeling blue with dark 'brows

Now I just need to tackle the new bane of my life. Eyebrows. I swear Chewbacca went missing and landed on my face. 

I get them threaded every three weeks (ish) but I feel they're too dark for my unnaturally blonde hair (didn't see that coming) and according to my brow lady, lightening eyebrows doesn't exist?!

What do you guys recommend? Any eyebrow tips and tricks for fake blondes? 
Share your opinions! 

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