George at Asda Haul!

On Wednesdays I stay at Jamie's house. It's so much more convenient now we work at the same place as we tend to finish around the same time and he'll take me to his straight from work.

Last Wednesday I fancied Pizza (that's not unusual, I live off pizza and noodles. Jebus help me when I actually move out) and so we popped to our local Asda.

I have an irritating (Jamie's thoughts, not mine) habit of walking off into the George section of Asda. Many people may think I'm crazy because they associate Asda with popping in for your Groceries and a birthday card you forgot to pick up.

This post is for those people. You are all soooooo wrong. I picked up a new outfit for £24 - including shoes!

I love outfits that clash far too much.

I love the print inside the shoes too.

Until a week ago, I didn't use primer. I have a spray that 'dries' make-up to your face so didn't see a need. I picked up this and a foundation, both for under a fiver!

Although I love the foundation that I'm currently using (check the review out here) it isn't full coverage. I can 'pack' it on (which I hate doing) but it makes my face feel heavy and I do look slightly orange if I do it. MAC full coverage foundation (apparently so good it covers tattoos) is still sold out. WHYYYYYY, MAC, WHYYYYYYY? :'(

I chose Rimmel Match Perfection as I adore the brand. My favourite mascara and eyeliner is by Rimmel so I'm hoping to not be disappointed by this foundation.

I'm currently putting the new make-up products under 'The Work Trial' and have so many new purchases to blog about. 

What Hauls have you had lately?

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