My Beauty Wishlist

I have an addictive personality which means that nothing is ever quite enough. After a recent shampoo and Lush products haul, I decided to share with you my ever-growing wish list of beauty products. 

1. Lush

I am in love with this shop. As well as being handmade, they actively fight animal testing, are 100% vegetarian and claim to be the freshest cosmetics online. 

My boyfriend and I recently went on a Lush Haul (You can check the haul post here) and I got: Dream Cream – because I have unbelievably sensitive skin that breaks out in spots a lot. (I also wear tonnes of makeup). Shower Scrub Rub Rub Rub – Staple part of the shower routine. Bubble-gum Lip Scrub, because I suffer from dry, chapped lips and the Charity Pot – a mini hand and body lotion in which all the proceeds go to charity.

If I had the room in my house, a bath and an unlimited bank account, I would buy everything that Lush has ever made.

A few products on this wish list are:

You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt

Every now and then, I have a blue day. I wake up and just know that the day will be slow and I will be in this mood that has no cause or purpose. This bath melt claims to defeat that feeling by waking up and replenishing the skin with the ‘bright citrus fragrance of lemongrass, lime and lemon oils’ that lifts the mood with a hydrating punch.

Big Shampoo

The first thing that caught my eye about this product was the “To make you feel like a mermaid” slogan. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like a mermaid?

This product uses seaweed and sea salt that adds volume to the hair whilst coconut oil and toothed wrack seaweed softens it.


I confess that I am not a natural blonde and so I have to that extra mile to maintain my hair. Currently, I am obsessed with Pro: Voke Silver Shampoo but would love to experiment with Daddy-O purple shampoo. As well as the ingredients including lemon, lime, wrack seaweed and coconut oil, the advertisement for this product was: “A purple shampoo to stop blondes going brassy. OK, we will confess. This is a completely self-indulgent product formulated by Mark, for Mark, when his hair went grey.”

As soon as I get a place with a bath, or fix my boyfriend’s, I want to try out every Lush bath bomb in existence. This includes: Sex Bomb, for when a person is tired, stressed out and anxious, in need of some sensual healing. Space Girl, these just look so cool. I follow a lot of Lush fans on Instagram and am forever seeing amazing videos of this spinning around and leaving a bright, coloured trail in its wake.

The list of wanted Lush products could go on forever, so I’m going to end it there.

2. Bleach London – Total Bleach

I am a repeated offender when it comes to bleaching my hair. I’ve dyed it blue, pink, green, red, black, brown, the list is endless, but recently I have settled on my long desired blonde. All of these take a lot of bleaching.

I have used Jerome Russell Bblonde 40% Max lift to bleach my hair for many years.

The reason I want to experiment with Bleach London, is that a lot of my pastel haired friends have flicked between hair colours and returned to white hair with little to no difficulty. The website claims that ‘Bleach Total Bleach Kit lightens hair up to 7 levels for absolute platinum blonde shades.’ My ultimate goal in this blonde journey is to become platinum blonde and maybe even experiment with white hair at some stage.

So far, I’m being good and listening to my dear old friend and hairdresser by cutting/highlighting. A tried and tested healthy method of dying hair from natural red/brown to blonde. You can check out my journey to becoming a blonde here.

3. MAC Full Coverage Foundation

I want to try this product to see how much it does minimize the look of my imperfections as my current foundation (Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation) is good but doesn’t cover as many imperfections as I would like it to.

MAC’s ‘smooth-to-apply, easy-to-blend, emollient-based foundation formulated to provide opaque coverage,’ claims to be so good that it can cover tattoos, blemishes and birthmarks. I tend to erupt in spots from time to time and so I would like to test this.

4. Retrofuturist Unicorn Lipstick

I started following Lime Crime on Instagram and Tumblr when I fell in love with the brand. In particular the popping colours and bold statements that this make-up seems to enable it’s wearers to have.

I am a lover of red and pink lips and it’s packaged in a purple unicorn! I need this in my purse.

5. Sugarpill

I followed the founder of Sugarpill for months on Instagram because I admired her style and make-up. Lately, another favourite blogger of mine mentioned Sugarpill and uploaded her experimentation of these loose eye-shadows. I decided to check out the site and came to adore the loose eye-shadows. I think my favs are: Holy Ghost, Strangeling, Asylum, Birthday Girl, Darling, Decora and Royal Sugar. They’re not too expensive to purchase ($13.00 a pot) but I’m being frugal and can’t justify $13.00 for one, and I will never be able to just purchase one.

They are my top 5 (and a little bit extra) wants on my wish list.

What do you wish for?

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