Leopard Print Eye Make-Up Tutorial

I always feel like my Make-Up lets my outfit down.

My all time favourite dress is a gorgeous leopard print. It has an V-line neck, waterfall trail and lace lines the bottom of it. 

Standard bog selfie on the latest night out, feat. Danielle <3

A plus is that with the right bra, it makes my boobs look great!

I experiment with make-up every day and today I thought it was time to experiment with leopard print, of course inspired by my favourite dress.

You Will Need

1) Foundation. 

2) Optional - Primer for the eyes.

3) Mascara

4) Liquid/Felt Eyeliner (it’s the easiest to draw the spots with)

5) A choice of eye-shadow but including a black and a dark and light version of the colour you are using.

6) A choice of lipstick. Red is my favourite

7) Eyebrow pencil, blush and whatever else you desire for those finishing touches.

Leopard Print Eyes - Step by Step

Step 1

You can use any colour you like for this. I chose a golden brown colour as it matches the dress. Just simply apply to eye-shadow all the way to the brow-bone, blending as you go and forming a thicker line towards the end of the brow. This will form a guideline for the leopard print spots.

Step 2

Take the eye-liner and roughly draw ‘C’ and ‘O’ shapes all over. The best way to apply this is to ‘pull’ the eyelid flat (gently) with the tip of your finger. It doesn’t matter how rough this is, you’re going to apply more eye-shadow and go back over it :)

Step 3

Take a small brush and dab it in the black eye-shadow and the darker version of your original colour (so I have used dark brown). ‘Fill in’ the spots by dabbing them near the centre. Then take your eyeliner and go over the original spots to make them thicker.

Step 4

Wing your eyeliner for full effect. At this stage add all of your final touches such as lipstick, mascara, eyebrow pencil, blush, etc.

The Result…

I hope you enjoyed today’s animalistic tutorial! Leave your feedback, any queries you may have and share your versions!

Any tutorials you wish to request?

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