Me Now: Eye/Lip Liner Pencil Review

I love bright Make-Up. Eyes and lips that pop and clash, I’ve even experimented with animal prints and am an avid user of glitter.

I was searching around shops and the internet for some neon eyeliners that were waterproof, long lasting, didn’t rip a whole in my bank and were preferably liquid. 

I came across Me Now, a relatively highly thought of brand that has many different versions of eyeliner that double up as lip liners. I wasn’t too sure about them at first because I was slightly put off about the whole touch the lip and the eye thing, but I suppose as long as you clean them appropriately then there won’t be any problems. I also didn’t like the thought of it being a crayon because previous crayon eyeliners I have used were awful, they smudged, faded and smeared all over ruining the look.

12 different eye/lip liners for £2.99 and free postage and packaging from Hong Kong on Ebay was an offer that I could not refuse. The seller has a 98.9% review rate and a lot of positive feedback about this product in particular. I had to experiment. 

At first I did my usual look of bright eye-shadows before applying this in a wing formation to replace the black liquid I usually use. BIG DISASTER.

As it’s crayon, it mixed with the eye-shadow and created a dirty look of mixed colours. It also wasn’t that bold so I looked like I had simply smudged my make-up. I wiped it all off and started again…without eye-shadow.

At first, I did a thin line that winged outwards. You couldn’t really tell I was wearing make-up until I went over said line a good 13/14 times. As it got thicker, it looked a lot better but then (as expected) it smudged and smeared all over the top of my eye. I decided to ‘fix’ this by building up over the eyelid and making the wing bigger. 

Not exactly a desirable look. I added black eyeliner just to make it look moderately okay. 

Throughout the day it faded and smudged all over my eyelid more and even disappeared in places. I had to blend the crease of my eyelid around 4 times in the space of a few hours.

Although I have said overall negative things about this product so far, I think it is perfect to wear on the waterline.

The eyeliner shouldn’t be recommended to wear on top of the eye unless you wear very little make-up (remember I said I liked it bright, popping and a lot of it?) or just want to add a small bit of colour into your day.

This blogger used minimal make-up and still looks amazing. She used Generation 2 eye and lip liner.

I applied the colours to my waterline and was amazed by the results. 

With a variety of eye-shadows, adding this eyeliner to the waterline gave the look a pop of colour which I loved. Unfortunately the white, gold, frosty green and silver didn’t take much effect on the water line but did add a shimmer. They were also useful when adding shimmer above the eye-shadow.

Overall rating: 5.5/10

Would I recommend to a friend?: If they asked about it.

Would I buy again?: For the price they’re pretty good but I wouldn’t buy them for any more than what I have paid. I’d prefer something liquid and waterproof.

My lips are still chapped and broken so I haven’t had chance to try them out on my lips yet. I’m still a bit dubious.

If you wish to purchase these eyeliners then click here

Have you used this product before? What are your thoughts?

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