Mens Razors are better than Womens and Waxing Sucks

I have only been professionally waxed once. It was my arm pits, legs and other … precious areas.

Aside from my eyebrows which I get waxed regularly, other wise I look like Chewbacca’s uglier twin sister, I refuse to go back and get my body waxed simply because it is like getting dragged to the fiery pits of hell; hitting every sharp object and thorn bush on the way. (I’m not sure if it’s my pain tolerance being low but I’ve had multiple piercings and tattoos without a problem, maybe ripping hair from the root is different to stabbing a hole through the skin). Although my skin always feel super amazing for a while after getting waxed.

Anyway, I grew bored of the same old routine of primping and prepping to shave and thought it would be quicker and less awkward to buy some home use waxing strips.

I was buying some hair dye and came across Veet Wax strips. I’ve used Veet products before and have always had a good opinion of them so I thought I would give them a go.

At first I attempted with stubble and nothing happened apart from a sticky mess all over my leg and slopping onto my bed.

I left the hair grow for almost two weeks as the packaging recommends it to be used on short hair: same result. I pulled every way, heated each strip from slight rub of hands to heating with straighteners (bad result, don’t do that) and nothing but a hot glob of mess. Silk sheets, wasn’t impressed.

I went to my boyfriend’s a few days later and completely forgot about the waxing - or lack of- disaster.

I grabbed one of his disposable razors and it was the smoothest my legs had ever been.

Conclusion: Veet wax strips don’t work. Veet is a great product, just not these strips. Also, waxing really hurts!

Women’s razors may come in the colour pink but they are pathetic.

Men’s razors are usually cheaper and more sustainable to life. This is now what I religiously use to remove unwanted hair from my body.

Have you got any waxing/shaving disasters or tips?

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