Metallic Eyeliner Hates the Camera but my Make-Up Matches my Drink - Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner Review

It took me so long to write this post because Metallic Eyeliner really hates my camera and because my camera is crap :’)

I am a huge fan of bright eyes and thick black eyeliner but I wanted to mix it up a little today. When I went to Middlesbrough last week with Jamie, I purchased Collection’s Fast Stroke Eyeliner for the bargain price of £3.99, and haven’t experimented with it yet.

I somewhat ‘inverted’ my usual look. I went for grey and black smokey winged eye make-up and metallic blue eyeliner. 

It looks brighter in person as my camera and the eyeliner didn’t get along today.

The eyeliner as a whole is a great product. The only thing I dislike is the brush as no matter what I did, it wouldn’t ‘loosen up.’ It was still easy to apply the eyeliner even if I was restricted as the brush didn’t ‘bend’ and ‘draw’ the way that I’m use to all of my other liners doing. 

It took a little time to dry but it is durable through everything. I went out in the rain and suffered watery eyes and the eyeliner didn’t smudge, run or fade. Once it had dried it didn’t become flaky like previous liquids have done. 

I was Snapchatting a friend when I noticed that my Make-Up matches my drink :’) 

Overall, I love the product. I will definitely continue to wear it and would recommend it to a friend. Just need to work on that brush.

I went for an orange based lip colour which is Avon Colortrend - All Fired Up.

What do you think of metallic and/or coloured eyeliner?

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