Monster High Every Day Make-Up

I am a firm believer that everyone should give in to their inner child. 

There is no way that the every day stresses of adulthood can bother a person watching their old favourite TV show or doing something like baking your favourite childhood brownies.

I love Monster High :’) I’m 22 in April and have no children but I do indulge in sitting down and watching Monster High cuddled up to my pup. The hair, the make-up, the clothing, everything makes me love this show.

I decided to re-create Frankie Stein. If it was Halloween or a fancy dress party, I would have gone all of the way with this look. I decided against the green face and stitches that feature on her face and simply recreated her eye make-up and statement red lips. It was so simple and yet so fun. I even wore my black and white striped top to somewhat recreate her hair with my look.

What you’ll need

Foundation - I used Collection Lasting Perfection. 

Eyeliner - I used Rimmel ScandalEyes and Colour Couture Liquid Eyeliner. For the bottom of my eye, I used SuperShock gel eyeliner.

Mascara - I used my fav, Rimmel London Waterproof Volume Flash x10.

Optional: I added some pink glitter to the eye in true homage to the character I was recreating.

Some bright eye-shadows. I used the Body Collection that I got for Christmas. You’ll need the colours Green, Pink and Purple.

Red Lipstick. The staple part of this look is the red lipstick. I used Lasting Colour Collection ‘no.12 - Valentine.’

The Tutorial

Smother the eye lid all the way to the brow bone and beneath the eye with the green eye-shadow. 

Apply the pink eye-shadow all over the eye lid and above the crease. Wing it out towards the edge of your eyebrow. Take the purple eye-shadow and cover the eye lid only.

Wing the eyeliner, apply the mascara and paint your lips red. Add any other finishing touches desired.

The Result

A simple, every day take on Monster High Make-Up!

What looks have inspired you lately?

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