#MOTD Health-kicks and Collaborations.

Usually I love nothing more than to plaster bright make-up on.

The past few days have been shitty and so today I wore black to reflect my shitty mood.

I got an email that made me smile though. 

Prairie Charms emailed me asking if I would like to collaborate with them in the name of charity. Of course I accepted and so that will feature on the blog when I receive my goodies.

Also, I'm trying out something new. A diet? Maybe. A lifestyle change? Yes. That probably explains the moods. I bought a bike to cycle to work and have changed my diet completely. Not necessarily to lose weight, although that's an added bonus, but I feel unhealthy. My moods are low, my skin is horrible, I'm lethargic all the time, I have 0 energy for anything and I feel like crap because all I eat is crap. I've taken it upon myself, whilst I'm still young enough to stop any major harm being done, to change my diet and lifestyle and generally live a healthier one. 

I think not giving in to cravings is the worst. I've been fairly strict with myself as I'm a want it/eat it kind of girl and if I slip once, I'll just give up. Who knew Monster and chocolate actually tasted that great? I need to get my hands on some green tea ASAP. 

I also drank nearly 4 litres of water today, by accident, trying to fill the 'please eat crap because I'm hungry' void. I was at work needing the toilet every five effing minutes. 

Do you guys have any healthy recipes, tips/advice or exercise regimes to share?

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