What I Carry in my Every Day Bag

My Boyfriend always comments on how much stuff I bring to his house (2-3 bags for a weekend isn’t even that much BTW) and my Mother always complains that I need a large handbag (it’s not even that big) with me at pretty much all times.

I have decided (my boyfriend reads my blog, hey Jamie) to divulge with you guys exactly what I carry around with me on a daily basis.

In the Bag

1. Purse - You never know when you’re going to need money, ID, store cards

2. Pearls, albeit fake ones - I love these so much and they can spruce up an outfit when needed

3. Nivea Lip Butter - I altered this into my homemade Lip Plumper which you can check here

4. Travel blush brush - Make-up isn’t permanent 

5. Glitter - You can never wear too much glitter

6. Black Eye-shadow - I suffer from extremely watery eyes so if my make-up is starting to melt (I wear like 7 different eye-shadows so can’t carry them all) then I simply goth it up

7. Mirror/Brush Combo

8. Mini Clothes brush - I have a very cuddly/hairy/malting dog

9. Lush ‘New Charity Pot’ - From my haul yesterday. Always need hand lotion and the proceeds go to charity

10. Bubblegum lip scrub - Chapped lips occur sporadically and it tastes amazing

11. Aveeno Hand Moisturising cream - I got a free sample and it’s great when going out into the cold but sometimes makes my hands feel grimy. Fab for eczema sufferers like myself though

12. Rihanna Rebelle Eau De Parfum Spray - I got this of my boyfriend’s Mama for Christmas. It is really strong but who cares when you smell like RiRi?

13. ColorTrend Compact Blush - In case of needed top up

14. Red Lipstick - You never know when you’re going to take over the world…or just end up in Tanners for one to many

15. Collection Lasting Foundation - More in case of emergencies like unplanned sleep over at Jamie’s or random day trip to the river but again, you never know when you’re going to need a top up

16. Tweezers - My eyebrows grow back faster than 2 minute rice cooks

17. Eye-shadow sponge - to accompany the black eye-shadow

18. Eyebrow comb - they CONSTANTLY NEED TAMING…goddammit

19. Rimmel London ScandalEyes Jumbo Liquid Eyeliner 

20. Rimmel London Volume Flash x10 Mascara

21. Avon Glimmerstick Eyebrow pencil - Although they grow back like Chewbacca’s, I lack hair closer to the centre. Pro to this, I NEVER get a mono-brow ;) 

22. SuperShock Gel Eyeliner 

23. A choice of lipstains by Avon - I randomly change my outfit sometimes

*Editors note. Bag may often contain Coffee (I have a Gilmore Girls Travel Mug), noodles and Monster Energy. 

What do you have in your bag?

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