Studio Clothes Haul! My Week of Adventures.

Earlier in the week, I posted about receiving several packages from online shopping. (Read that post here). I spent the rest of the week trying out my new clothes.

I adore online and Catalogue shopping. You'll often find sales and bargains lying around and I always find that I can buy more for my money (maybe because I'm not buying everything in sight). 

The Purchases

I bought three cardigans. I originally bought two vest tops and some boots on top of that but they were sold out. Boooo.

Outfit 1

Of course, clashing fashion. I wear this shirt so much.

On Wednesday's we wear pink. 

My boyfriend has never seen Mean Girls. I have to make it a relationship goal for this to happen. My entire life is a Mean Girls reference. That's so fetch!

I treated Jamie to some dinner on Wednesday. Partly so my awesome new outfits weren't just worn to work and partly because I adore little date nights.

Outfit 2

This next one is one of my favourite new outfits. The cardigan is very 'loud' - like me.

I'm obsessed with an app called 'Mirror Pics.' Make my endless amount of Instagram uploads a bit more interesting. 

I call this outfit: 'The Psychedelic Nun.'

Outfit 3

I don't have a full outfit photo for my fake fur pastel pink cardigan but if you look at the first photo and these two, you get the idea. 

This cardigan was the best for a day/night out to Durham as I didn't want to wear a coat but didn't want to get too cold either. 

I always feel classy when I wear fake fur. I wore my leopard print dress and went for the smokey eye effect.

It was a great time in Durham. I lost my lipstick which upset me slightly but I gained a silk rose from a lovely lady in one of the pubs.

I was reunited with my best friend after months of conflicting work hours too. That made it less weird that I was the only girl out for a while.

I somehow broke the tip of my acrylic nail which is annoying me because for the first time in a while, I found the perfect shape and length for me to work with.


I'm tired today. I work days throughout the week and can never lie in on weekends. On Saturday morning Jamie's alarm went off at 6am. It was bothersome but Jamie shot up out of bed thinking that he had work which made it quite funny. 

Today I woke up around 7 and then couldn't shut my eyes again. I cuddled into Jamie for a while and then decided to play Assassins Creed. Jamie bought it but decided that he didn't like it and so it's mine, all mine! I finally got the key off the guard in sequence 2. I don't have the stealth or patience to sit and play this game for hours like others that I know. I gave up soon after I had to kill the three guards without being detected or getting Benjamin killed. 

It took a few goes but I got there. Getting the almanac pages gets on my wick as well. I still haven't managed to do it.

Jamie woke up and then we blasted Rayman Legends for a while. We are so close to completing the game! We only really play on weekends because it can get quite intense. 

If we ever break up, Rayman is to blame.

If you're interested in where I got my clothes from you'll find them here:

Was £28.00 now £4.99-£5.99

Was £25.00 now £5.49

Was £45.00 now £14.99 
(I have one in grey and one in pink, I love them)

To sum it up, I got £98.00 worth of clothing for £26.47. Bargain!

What have you bought lately? 

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