My Weekend In Pictures. I Also Sprained My Ankle

This weekend was the much anticipated Boro night out. We'd (mainly Danni, I just booked things) planned this night out for what seems like forever and it finally happened! 

I wore my Poppy dress and did this smokey eye effect. Jamie looked at me and was like "Woah, you have so much make-up on." In reality I didn't, I just haven't ventured to the dark side for a while :')

Fitting 6 adults into a moderately sized bedroom turned out better than I expected.

We have all played ring of fire for years and still have to Google the rules. Also, Danielle has built in insta-pose! So much jealousy. 
I had to drink a weird concoction of lager, wine, strongbow and Kopparberg. It was not nice.

It's not a night out until we get a taxi selfie. We took at least 20 :')

So much fun making my drinks turn different colours.

On the way to the Isaac Wilson, where the above drink was photographed, I somehow (soberly) caught my shoe underneath me and popped my ankle. Dannii and the boys encouraged me to walk it off and circle my ankle which helped a little.

 It was a great night. Fell Out Boy (a Fall Out Boy tribute band we went to see) were amazing and if you closed your eyes, they sounded exactly like them! 

We ended up in McDonald's at 3am, binging on Junk Food. It was so good to break the routine of Darlington nights out. (And so much more fun).

The Next Day

At 3am my foot started to hurt a little more and I had to call it in. The taxi was due anyway but my poor little foot was throbbing. Bless Dannii, she practically carried me across half of Boro to get food and the make our way to the taxi home.

At first, I forgot that I popped my ankle and thought that I had just danced a little too much.

Jamie put some frozen corn on my ankle and the throbbing and soreness died down.

Whilst I rested my ankle on the couch, Jamie made us a hearty breakfast. Bacon and eggs smothered in cheese. He's such a babe after a night out.

That was when it happened...

We checked out my ankle after breakfast...

I put the ice back on it and raised in onto some pillows. I had Jamie taking care of me which made this a little more comfortable.

He even let me have to last mouthful <3 

And then something else happened...

My ankle ballooned! Jamie looked so concerned. I showed my friends that were out the previous night, they didn't realise how bad my little trip apparently was :')


I should have gone to the hospital as soon as my foot swelled but we all knew it would be some form of sprain. I decided to go on Sunday to get it checked out just incase we were somehow all wrong and I was shuffling around on a broken ankle.

I was really impressed with the service I got at Darlington Memorial. I was seen to and discharged within two hours and the staff were lovely.

Conclusion: Severe Sprain. Should heal in 4-6 weeks and I should rest it as much as possible.

Monday - Work

It was so hard to walk. I did my make-up in 30 second bouts because I couldn't stand in the mirror for long enough.

Throughout the day I was stared at and my colleagues asked what was up with my ankle. I had to explain that before a night out, on the way to the first pub whilst I was sober, I caught my foot wrong and popped my ankle. It made a funny story :')

The swelling has subsided but apparently my ankle wasn't too fond of work today. I had a foot rest and everything :') The thing that bugged me the most was that it took so long to walk to places like the toilet and outside for breaks. My left leg also had a sharp burning sensation due to the added pressure of supporting my whole body.

It's been a long but fun few days. I would happily do it all over again. Even the sprained ankle part! 

What did you do this weekend?

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