Obsession of the Moment. If a Moment Lasted 21 Years.

Glitter is a poor girl’s best friend.

I love glitter on everything. I even added edible glitter to my pancakes a few months back and bought a lotion packed full of the stuff. The lotion was a bad choice, as in the hot July sun, I looked like a cast extra in Twilight.

New Year’s Eve 2014 happened at a house party. I was strolling the shops collecting copious amounts of alcohol, party games and party poppers (I knew I should have gotten more party poppers, two bags is not enough for an NYE party,) and there it was.

A full shelf of glitter products, jewellery (tackier the better in some situations), nail products…hair products.

I actually induced a small panic attack because I couldn’t decide between multicoloured, gold, blue, green, red, silver, or 247,908,904 other varieties of glitter spray. I shut my eyes and grabbed one. I picked out the silver one which turned out to be a wise choice.

I love everything about this glitter. You can spray little or large amounts and it stays in your hair all night. You can add it to lip gloss (DIY style) or eye make up and even spruce up a dull outfit with a quick spray, or apply to skin and be transported back to the 90’s.

The only con about the product (I think this applies to every glitter product in existence) is that you leave a trail of glitter in your wake. 

Great if someone decides to abduct you.

When I got ready and applied a moderate amount to my hair in preparation for a New Year’s to remember, it went everywhere. All over the bathroom, my boyfriend’s bedroom (where I stepped in to grab my bag from his bed), the stairs, the taxi, the house I was partying at.

Even a serious amount of hairspray could not keep the glitter tame.

Aside from that, it cost me under a fiver and I had glitter in my hair. So worth the hot glittery mess I left in my wake. And it brushed out almost instantly. There were no remnants that I had ever had it in my hair once I’d given it a good brushing.

What are your views on glitter spray? Something you love or something that should be kept in your childhood?

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