OOTTD - Outfit of The Three Days.

I can't remember what sleep is - but it is my own fault.

Ever since I started working as an assessor, I have valued time with my friends a lot more than I used to.

I partake in shopping, mate dates and trips out more as I now have the means to do so and somehow a more restricted regime makes me more available. 

I had several social events planned in one week that made me realise - I wear the same clothes all the time!

I love them a lot and even more so seeing the faces that people pull if they realise that I got it in a sale or if it's a vintage item. I once bought a fake fur coat that was worth £150 for £20 as it was second hand and had a snag in the seam near the shoulder. Quick needle and thread and go in the washing machine and it was as good as new.

Although I wear the same clothes a lot I do like to mix and match.

Day 1 - Work

I adore clashing prints and make-up that pops. Hence the blog name.

Day 2 - Mate Date to the Cinema

I stayed around Jamie's on the Wednesday night and so when the Thursday morning alarm went off at 6am, we decided that we valued cuddles (we shut off the alarm for them) over doing life that day. When work duties finally called (we had a lovely extra 10 minutes), I opted for a simple dress and make-up. Jamie looked at me and said that I looked like a nun :')

After work. Me and Dannii headed for some food. Chielo serves the most amazing food for an unbelievable price! There's a guy who works in there who makes me laugh so much. He always greets us and makes conversation and jokes. I went there ahead of a work night out a few months ago and he even posed in a photo with us.

Akira. Dannii's kitty is so cute. 

Middlesbrough. I've been there so much lately. Obviously needed a standard bog selfie. 

We went to see 'It Follows' which really pays homage to many of the classic horrors. 
Initially I couldn't shake that the entire film was about Ghost Chlamydia though.

Day Three - Bowlingwiththehomies

This was the perfect day to wear to my new clashing prints outfit.

I got my nails done. You may think this is stupid as I'm going bowling. It's not as stupid as going bowling with a sprained ankle though (Oh look, I did both). Plus...mermaid nails. The colours are more distinct in person. Flash doesn't help when capturing the finer details of life.

Whilst I was getting my nails done, Carolyn (my friend and nail tech) asked me what I had gotten my Mum for Mother's Day. 2 days to go and I still had no idea. She loves everything blue and Dolphin related but I've exhausted that idea for every occasion for over 20 years. I decided that since my Mum is quite similar to me, I would treat her to getting her hair, nails and eyebrows done. She seemed pleased with her presents but I know she's itching to remind me that I forgot to get her a card. Oops.

The guys and gals took my TGI Friday's virginity. It was amazing. Even though there was a giant group of annoying children celebrating a birthday behind us. I didn't mind at first but there's only so much screeching and balloon popping one's eardrums can handle. JD sauce is a must try if you haven't by the way. So good I almost licked the pot.

Bowling! There's Dannii's instapose again. I said smile and she was in the middle of shaking her head as to say no. I don't know how she does it. 

Jade won the first game and I won the second. I technically didn't as my ankle swelled up again (bowling and sprained ankles don't mix - who knew?!) and so Jamie took over for me. He was bouncing the bowling ball off the barrier as a joke and kept getting strikes. It was kind of funny. He also almost broke the floor with how serious he took his go. That was outrageously funny.

What have you guys been up to lately?
Any clashing fashion for me to check out?
Link me to your blogs below!

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