Real Lashes vs Fake Lashes vs Glasses - A Mascara Review

I have worn glasses since I was in Year 5 (around aged 9) of Primary School. I remember it so well because my class teacher, who I told in confidence that I was waiting for my glasses, announced it to everyone and I was mortified and consequently bullied. (Four eyes makes no sense by the way!)

Glasses are great. They enable me to see (I’m short sighted) and I wear thick black lenses, purely because I sit on them like five times a day, and a short while ago they became a massive fashion accessory.

This became really annoying, really quickly, when on nights out drunk people would think they were fake and subsequently take them off my face. Why do people do that?

Anyway, due to my life long commitment to being short sighted, I have never been able to experiment with make up to it’s full potential.

I went as Black Swan for Halloween, looked great until I realised how blind I was and had to put my glasses on. 

Fake Lashes

It’s not impossible for people who wear glasses to wear fake lashes, cut them down a little and make sure you’re wearing some strong eyelash glue. Or get contacts.

I’ve become accustomed to wearing my glasses. Without them I feel like I’ve lost part of my identity so I rarely take them off and wouldn’t be able to ditch them for contacts full time.

Regardless, I decided to experiment with fake lashes.

Since I was a little kid, my Mother has always said she’s jealous of my long eyelashes. Until this experiment, I never really understood her obsession with them, especially since glasses tend to cover up the full effect of my lashes; in particular with make up on them.

The Experiment

I used Katy Perry lashes, purely because I’m obsessed with her and read some great reviews online. The eyelashes were top par, I trimmed them to the width I required to fit my eyelids and didn’t need to trim the length as they were similar to my natural eyelashes (so consequently would fit behind my lenses.)

The glue wasn’t all that great. I had to use a fair bit of glue and wipe off the excess with a cotton bud once the eyelashes had set. Other than that, I was pleased with the product.

Real lashes on the left, fake lashes on the right.

Personally, after this experiment, I feel no need to wear fake eyelashes. They look tidier with fake lashes on, and so I purchased an eyelash curler and some glitter gel eyeliner: similar result.

The Answer

Although I have natural long lashes, when I apply make-up, they tend to look a little naked. This mascara is the mascara that I swear by.

Rimmel London Waterproof Volume x10 Mascara Flash is everything it says on the tin and more. 

It coats the lashes without clumping, instantly dries and makes my lashes look thicker, longer and is so waterproof that I went swimming spontaneously last summer and had to wet wipe it off that night.

So to conclude;

People with glasses can wear fake eyelashes but they may want to ‘trim’ them down, to not have that horrible eyelashes wiping the lenses of their glasses dilemma.

I personally (have been charmed with long eyelashes naturally) feel that fake lashes look great but as my glasses hide the full of effect of my make up, I would rather rock some damn good mascara.

Also, this mascara is available for a little as £6.99. Everyone loves a bargain.

What wins in your eyes? Are glasses a hassle? Fake lashes the way to go?

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