The Cinema is my New 'Thing.'

The thing about working 40 hours a week is that it truly makes you realise how little free time you actually have. When I was briefly unemployed and times before when I was at Uni, I had so much free rein to cancel and alter plans that I abused that privilege. 

Now that I'm in a somewhat restricted routine, I have made so much more time for my friends...crazy huh? I love that I have a set contract, no rota work so unless I change it, I work a standard 9-5 (or there about) office job. I know, I'm lucky.

I live in a town with not much to it. It has a lot of history and there are some nice areas to walk around but once you've seen it, it's just kind of...there. We have pubs to drink in and shops to shop in but there's not much else to do. A few weeks ago, Danielle suggested that we go to the cinema and have a good old mate date. In my 21-almost-22 years of being alive, I haven't visited a cinema as much as I have in the last 2 and a half weeks.

It all started on the 19th February. Danielle was dying to see 50 shades of Grey. I usually don't buy into hypes or buy into them for months/years until after they've passed, but being the loyal friend that I am, I took my best friend to see 50 shades. There has been so much controversy around this trilogy and the film being released but all I care about is my newly formed, undying love for Jamie Dornan. *Swoon.*

We went for some pub grub at Tanners and then set off on our adventure to Seattle (and a bunch of other locations featured.)

The only 'issues' I have are the horrendous Twilight references, but it's understandable because it was Twilight fan fiction. The jealousy, the almost-not quite bar fight, the best friend in love with the main character, saved from a car impact crash, walking into the woods and declaring how dangerous he is- the list is endless. Also, THAT ENDING. I now have to buy the books because of the massive anti-climax (irony, heh heh) that was the ending.

A week later and we had planned a night out in Middlesbrough. Slowly but surely, this plan somehow failed and now we're going tomorrow instead. Danielle was a bit upset that all her planning had gone to waste and so we decided another Best Mate Date was on the cards. This time we went to see 'The Wedding Ringer'. We weren't really sure what it was about, we just randomly selected it and hoped it would be okay.

Of course we couldn't break our new tradition of food and then cinema.

We set out on the road during rush hour that made us slightly late to arrive into Middlesbrough for the movie. We quickly paced it across Boro, not actually knowing where we going for food. We came across Al Forno and decided that because their food and cocktails (although we weren't drinking them that night) were AMAZING, we should dine there. I ordered a pizza that turned out to be massive and Danielle ordered a starter and a main so we ended up having to run across Boro (I was almost sick when we arrived) to make it on time (we were almost 20 minutes late) for the movie.

"Will you be my best man?" 
"Dude, I thought you were dead."

The Wedding Ringer was hilarious! Kevin Hart and Josh Gad make a comical duo that seem to answer each others problems in life with the most outrageously funny outcomes. I didn't stop laughing for the entire film. Also, it guest stars Kaley Cuoco, aka. Penny from The Big Bang Theory, as the Bride to be. *Spoiler* She plays a super bitch.

Another one of my best friends is Kim. We don't get to see each other due to work commitments. This girl has three jobs and goes to, whut?
We had arranged to meet up but the plans altered when she had an overwhelming urge to see 50 Shades of Grey. I didn't complain about the seeing-a-movie-twice thing because I got to stare at a relatively naked Jame Dornan for another 2 hours.

It turns out that we are crap at making plans that work. We met up after our jobs finished at 5 and were sat eating a pub meal by half past. The movie wasn't for another three hours! We decided to play some pool and have a few *cough* drinks before the showing.

She actually posed for this photo. 

Now, of course we suck at planning and so what originally was a 3 hour wait turned into booking a taxi from the pub 5 minutes before the showing. Then Kim had problems with her bank card because the Odeon till didn't like her transaction.

We eventually got settled in and the movie started but then we kept needing to go off to the toilet because of all the liquid consumed. It was so fun though.
THAT ENDING! It doesn't get easier the more you watch it.

Jamie and I decided to have some time to ourselves last night which resulted in the idea of food and cinema :')

He took me to Pizza Hut where we ate far too much food and had one slice left over that we couldn't physically fit into us. I decided to take it to Jam's for his Mama and they put it in the cutest tiny box ever.

He's judging me for getting salad :') Starter of chicken wings and BBQ ribs.

We then ventured to the arcades and I defeated him at Pacman Air Hockey.

We got to the cinema and even though we were bursting with pizza and all of the sides and starters we had had, we still had room for Tango Ice Blast ;)

We went to see The Theory of Everything. It tells the extraordinary life story of Stephen Hawking, his friendships, his marriage, his ambitious career, having children and the diagnosis and progression of his Motor Neurone Disease.

I'm not even ashamed to say that I cried throughout the entire film. As well as telling it from the emotional perspective of Stephen himself, it also allows the viewer to witness first hand what happened in the eventual breakdown of his marriage and the emotional state of his wife.

Once a healthy and active young man, we see the first signs of Stephen's motor neurone disease and the near death experiences he had as well as how he impacted the world of science and medicine whilst his disease was aggressively progressing after a diagnosis at the tender age of 21.

This film is inspirational to anyone who watches it. It's been a day and I still want to burst into tears.


Next on mine and Dannii's list is 'It Follows' and then I'm going to feed my inner child with 'Cinderella' at the end of March.

What's on your cinema list?


  1. ohh that food looks like it was so good! I haven't been to the cinema in ages but i'm going to see the kurt cobain doc this friday! :)

    Nosebag NI | Food & Lifestyle -

    1. It really was amazing! Love a good cinema trip :D :o that will be fantastic! I want to see it but I know I'll get emotional haha! xoxo