The Cycle Scheme

Over the years I've heard many people and companies talking about cycle schemes in which people and employers can purchase some sort of tax free bike and follow the government's 'green plan.'

I've admittedly shunned it for lack of understanding and still have no desire to participate in the cycle scheme (as I'm fortunate enough to own my own bike) but the more I get into cycling, the more I see the relevance of such services.

I've heavily relied on public transport since I was a kid. I grew up in an army village and so we had to get the bus out of said village for things like shopping and days out. As I grew older I depended on it for things such as University. I remained a home student whist travelling a 60 mile round trip daily to attend my University 30ish miles away. And then my boyfriend got a car and I may have accidently abused that privilege (sorry Jamie). 

I don't mind travelling, it can be quite fun, but public transport seizes to be reliable (traffic, accidents, vehicle failure, problem passengers - not necessarily the public services fault) and if I'm late for work, they would probably fire me.

I decided to take up cycling for an array of reasons; it's beneficial to my health, I could lose a few pounds (I weighed myself today and was horrified!) and I would never have to rely on public transport again.

Today I did a 'test' run and realised it was the best decision I have ever made.

The scenery of my chosen route (suggested by the boyfriend as he used to cycle to work) was absolutely stunning. I used to catch a bus down a main busy road and then another one up one for over 6 months and now I'm kicking myself for not getting a bike sooner.


I now realise that a lot of these photographs look the same but it was truly breathtaking in person.

I even learned a few tips and tricks from Thursday's disastrous ride home.

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Always carry a bottle of liquid, preferably water,  as you need to keep replacing the fluids that your body loses during physical exertion. I.e. sweating.

2. Music

You should always keep it low enough to hear people/traffic/your surroundings. Preferably just wear one headphone. Music boosts my adrenaline when cycling. The Caesars 'Jerk It Out' has been my jam for like 10 years now.

3. Dress appropriately 

I used to hate it in school when teachers dictated to wear appropriate clothing on school trips. Almost 12 years later, I actually think they were right. 

I wore a heavy winter coat and cardigan to cycle home on Thursday, you can read about that awful experience here. It was totally inappropriate to cycle in and oncoming cars probably couldn't see me.

I bought some fabulous neon pink Nike Airs (which haven't arrived yet. Boooo), a neon pink hi viz jacket and a neon yellow bag. My boyfriend hates it. I can't even express how utterly amazing it is. The rule is 'Be safe, be seen.' Cyclists are not going to stand a chance against an incoming vehicle. If they can see you, you're less likely to be in an accident.

I finally got a phone contract. Ooooo all adult.  

You can see me fall off from China!

I'm loving cycling and my lifestyle change so far. I'm very fortunate to have the support that I do. Jamie wrote a status on Facebook expressing how proud of me he is for having the courage to do this. I definitely couldn't do it without the likes of my boyfriend and friends.

What fitness routine do you indulge in?

You can read more about the cycle scheme here.


  1. I'm getting a bike on Ride2work next month and I'm really excited for it! I think it's so much easier to cycle round London than public transport, plus an extra workout! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I'm so, so glad that I got a bike. I've really been missing out. I feel so much more energised when I'm at work too! :') I think cycling is much better and much more fun than public transport. The getting fitter part is definitely a bonus! :') xoxo