'The Work Trial' - Technic Brights Eye-shadows Palette Review

I've haven't blogged over the week due to changing my blog platform (welcome to my new abode), starting my new job and running a small experiment on Technic Brights Eye-Shadow Palette. 

Today, I am back! And to start, I loooooove my new job! I can't really talk about it because of Data Protection and when I tell people this as a reason, they give me a weird look and I proceed to pretend that I work as some sort of top secret agent. I'm an assessor of sorts and I've had a headache since the 23rd February due to information overload. It's amazing.

Every day since the 20th February, I have experimented with different looks and put my make-up through the trials and tribulations that is life. 

It arrived in this perfect little palette. It's small in size which is great because I carry it every where in case of emergency make-up change, impromptu night out, topping up due to watery eyes and I like to advertise how AMAZING this product is.

The eye-shadow itself is compact but it lasts for a while. A few swipes with the provided eye-shadow sponge and it smothers the whole eyelid in neon colour. I've been wearing it multiple times a day for over a week and it hasn't even dented the palette. 

Today's look. Pop and clash. Blue Ice Queen Mermaid because I'm so cold.

I suffer from extremely watery eyes. Twice today two different people asked me why I was crying on the bus. I had to awkwardly explain that I wasn't, my eyes just profusely water sometimes and thank them for their concern. 

This palette is indestructible! Through rain or shine, snow or heatwave, watery eyes and even genuine crying, this product does not move. The problem that I had with previous eye-shadows is that it tended to 'split,' fade and make a general mess through the elements. This product stays exactly where I put it. I can finally apply eye-shadow beneath my eye without fear of it smudging down my face.

The most surprising and relieving part of this purchase is that it doesn't care that I have watery eyes! I haven't had to top up my make-up throughout the day. The vibrancy and eye-shadow stay put. It doesn't even do that 'let's all roll to the crease of the eye' that I have experienced with previous make-up.

'Split' eye-shadow because I'm indecisive. Pink and green.

This product does exactly what it says on the tin. It says brights and for the price I didn't expect it to be so good. I bought it on a whim from Ebay for the bargain price of £2.85. A girl I work with even complemented me on my eye-shadow.

This one is the peach/orange colour. 4th on the palette from the left. My camera doesn't distinguish too well.

It's also quick application and quick removal. It stays through the elements (even though it has never claimed to be waterproof) and in one swift wipe of a make-up wipe, it is all gone. 

The photo's do not do it any justice for just how neon this palette is.  The yellow looking one isn't as bright as the others and I use it more on the bottom of my eye or as a shimmer/secondary colour. 

Would I buy again? Yes, so much yes, For the rest of my life!
Would I recommend? Yes. Then I'd steal theirs.

For indestructible eyes, I recommend accompanying this palette with Colour Couture Black Liquid Eyeliner and Rimmel London Volume Flash x10 Waterproof Mascara. 

If you want to purchase it (which I strongly recommend) then click here

What are your favourite purchases?

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