There are Two Types of People in this World: Those that Love Sales...and Liars.

Yesterday was the first Wednesday in a long time that my Boyfriend and I got to spend the whole day together.

We decided to get out of town for a while and visited the nearest city to do a bit of shopping and grab some food as a belated Anniversary celebration.

I decided to get all dressed up and by dressed up I mean wear a tutu.

First we got lost trying to find a car park, then we got lost on the way back trying to find the car. It was so much fun.

After looking around several shops for some new clothes, which was to no avail – do shops even sell plus size clothing that are remotely nice? Just because I’m not a size 10 does not mean that I want a baggy jumper. I love my curves! Anyway, we decided to head over to Boots for some much needed beauty essentials and so Jamie could spend a voucher that my Mama Bear got him for Christmas.

Jamie was happy, he bought Protein Powder for a fiver after the use of his voucher. I was also ecstatic because I purchased two 400ml bottles of Pro:Voke shampoo and conditioner for £8.00 when usually I’d pay between £8.00 and £12.00 for two 150ml bottles! I also got the twice a week brightening shampoo for 80p less than I normally pay and a Pro:Voke hairspray that I didn’t know existed! They all smell soooooo good too! My hair needs replenishing again and so topped up on my V05 essential oils too.

After being on a high for getting all of my essentials for cheaper and more quantity, I decided to check out the make-up.

I wear thick winged eyeliner on a daily basis. I have started running out of the supplies that I got for Christmas because of this and so started looking for the best type of liquid or felt eyeliner. I fell in love with Rimmel when I was introduced to their Volume Flash x10 mascara and so when I came across Rimmel London ScandalEyes Jumbo Liquid Eyeliner for £3.99 , it was a must buy. It has a 3D application thick tip which I found is perfect for making thick wings in half the time. It is quick drying and one of the blackest eyeliners I have ever used. I love it.

I’ve also started experimenting with coloured eyeliners as sometimes I feel that black eyeliner lacks to ability to make a statement, mainly because I wear it every day. I came across Collection’s fast stroke eyeliner for £3.99 in a metallic blue and so decided that I would experiment with that. I also purchased 12 different coloured eyeliners that treble up as eye-shadow and lip make-up on Ebay for £3.00. I will upload all of these as they happen.

The next stop was to Lush. I fell in love with Lush just last Christmas when my brother’s girlfriend bought me the Shower Scrub Rub Rub Rub and it has been a staple part of my shower routine since.

As it was our actual anniversary on the 24th January, Jamie said that he would buy me whatever I wanted in Lush. I know, I’m a spoilt lady.

I got: Dream Cream – because I have unbelievably sensitive skin that breaks out in spots a lot. (I also wear tonnes of makeup). Shower Scrub Rub Rub Rub – Staple part of the routine. Bubblegum Lip Scrub because I suffer from dry, chapped lips and the Charity Pot – a mini hand and body lotion in which all the proceeds go to charity.

We avoided the bath bombs (IT WAS SO HARD) because Jamie’s bath is broken and we don’t know when it will be fixed and I only have a shower at my house. As soon as that bath is fixed, I am going online!

After all the shopping we got a little peckish and so went to the Purple Pig in Middlesbrough. The food, environment, people, location- everything about it is soooo perfect. Especially eating it with this guy <3 

We finished off the night with Crunchie milkshakes, Impractical jokers, Rayman and cake :3 

Today, I had to go to an appointment and slightly disappointed that I couldn’t find any nice clothes on our shopping trip, I ventured into town. I got this dress in a Sale for £13.00. I adore it!

What Hauls have you had lately?

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