Weekends in are the Best Weekends

I usually love nothing better than getting glammed up and hitting the town with my bestest guys and gals but as I start my new job tomorrow (so excited btw) I decided to stay in with Junk Food and Netflix on Friday. 

My tolerance for alcohol is minimal and I cannot do hangovers, they last for days. When I was attending Uni, my best friend Richie and I used to drink every day (don’t judge me I learned a life lesson there), nowadays I rarely drink. I’ll have a social one if I visit a friend’s for lunch or pop out for a pub lunch, but I tend to save it for nights out. 

Jamie is the same, not that he ever had a life lesson, he’s just never really been into drinking and will only drink on nights out. That meant that this weekend, he was hungover and I had to take care of him. I made him food and coffee whilst he was sick and let him lie on me whilst I rubbed his head. 

It wasn’t all bad though. Although I was as fresh as a daisy and he was rotten, I got a boat load of cuddles and to indulge in Sophie Morgan’s ‘No Ordinary Love Story’ whilst he thought he was dying along to the football.

I’ve read this book about a thousand times. It’s a real life story about the author and journalist Sophie Morgan as she embarks on a journey of getting over a somewhat abusive ex and meeting her now husband, an experienced Dominant, as well as striving in her journalistic career. She is my idol! You can buy it on Amazon. 

By evening, after several food binges we decided that he could cure his hangover with Milkshakes. I was half way through an order on Just-Eat when the place randomly closed and pushed me off the page! I tried to look for a phone number but it was to no avail. After a bout of grievance that we would not have this dairy goodness in our lives, we decided to head to the McDonald’s that had just opened around the corner. This was a super treat as Jamie hates this kind of food and works out regularly. It tasted so good.

After the hangover shifted, we blasted Rayman (that game will be the end of us) and binge-watched our favourite TV Shows. If you haven’t seen Impractical Jokers, you haven’t lived.

I also got to experiment with my new eye-shadows! I’m going to fully review them later in the week after what I call ‘The Work Trial.’ So far they have survived my watery eyes and I can wipe it off so easily at the end of the day.

Pop and Clash.

What did you do this weekend?

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