Well, you know my babbling capabilities are infinite...

I have so many blog posts that I want to write and so little time.

I have a lot of ideas for the direction of this blog and the kind of content that I want to feature and so I finally bought a little notebook, that I had to share with you all, to keep my infinite amount of ideas in. I also have a pretty bad memory and so can I finally remember all the awesome ideas I want to blog about, it's also pretty handy for work.

Okay, so it is a Monster High notebook but my favourite colour is pink and Draculaura is adorable.
Plus, it is impossible to stress in the workplace if you're writing stuff down in this notepad. It's all about my long term health ;)

I also talk so much crap I may remember the point in a conversation if I write it down.
A guy at work confessed today that he didn't like me at first because of my brightly coloured clothing and infinite babbling capabilities. 

I genuinely have a fear of silences. Half the time I don't even realise that I'm talking. Awks.

My best friends and boyfriend also confessed to having 'switch off mode' in which they basically stand with me still talking to them and keywords switch them back in at the right moment :')

Dannii loves our long phone calls though. So much gossip, so little time! 
She's secretly as bad as me.

What are your favourite purchases lately?

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