I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22...It's my Birthday!

The day has arrived. I have finally and officially turned 22 years of age. 
Quite honestly I feel no different. I've been saying I'm practically 22 for like a month and I've been celebrating my birthday in little bits for around 2 weeks.

It all started with my fabulous presents off Danielle. My best friend. My agony aunt. The girl who lets me talk at her because she knows we don't talk any other way. Dannii and I do this thing in which we ask each other what we want for our birthday's. We're quite different as people, I'm loud, outrageous, into floral bedding and everything that clashes, shines, has glitter on or that I can decorate my hair with.

Dannii, 'The D' as Jamie calls her, is a little bit more reserved and quieter. More of a gamer, collector and all round badass pierced and tattooed chick. Heavily into her music and movies.

She knows me so well that she bought me some Straighteners, that I have used every day since, some soaps and bath bombs and her Mama got me a salted caramel candle. I love it all so much! 

I've been complaining about frizzy hair for months!

I don't even have a bath so I'll have to bring them over Jamie's. I may even share them with him. I also bought some Lush bath bombs in Leeds, determined to change that boy into a Lush hauler like myself. He hates the smell of the shop, who can hate the smell of Lush?!

For the weekend just before my birthday, Jamie was super romantic and booked us a weekend away in Leeds. At first he booked us two single beds so I had to ring and correct it aha!

This weekend was so amazing. 

Of course it started with me feeling car sick and having to stop at a garage (Jamie needed petrol anyway) for food and water. We hadn't even left Darlington yet.

And then there was a lot of road. Obviously. I wish the journey back took as long as the journey there seemed. We booked into a hotel that turned out to not have it's own car park and so had to drive up and down Leeds and then phone through a parking ticket before walking to the hotel with all our bags...desperate for a wee :')

 The view was so beautiful. Especially when the Sun was starting to set.

Although it wasn't my birthday for another two days at this point, Jamie still packed my presents! 

He bought me a snug to go with the boyfriend pillow (I really love to cuddle) and in my favourite colour too! 

Jamie and I eat a lot of bacon when we're hungover and have in jokes I can't even begin to explain surrounding it. He bought me bacon soap, it smells like salty bacon. I love it! Also, other couples have super cute nicknames for each other, the key ring states mine and Jamie's :')

Also, to accompany the necklace and ring that he has bought me over the previous year. He bought me this beautiful butterfly bracelet. It took us ages to figure out how to put it on.

The hotel was well worth the money we paid. It was a 3 star hotel with a shower pod, comfortable king sized bed, power shower pod, TV and other facilities. It was so relaxing to cuddle into Jamie and just not worry about anything for a whole two days. The only annoying thing (beside the parking which turned into a fun adventure of it's own) was drunk guys waking me up at 2am screaming down the halls. I was so close to losing my shit and going out there/calling reception but topless Jamie cuddles were worth more.

And of course a mirror so Jamie and I could take endless selfies. I should really be ashamed of that obsession. 

Friday was our first night and we were split between not being in the mood to do anything to only having a couple of days to do everything we wanted to.

In the end we went to the TGI Friday's across the car park.

It was beautiful. This is only the second time that I have ever been to a TGI Friday's but the service was fantastic and the atmosphere was so calm and friendly.

Although I've only been here twice (in different cities) I've ordered the same thing every time. Bacon and cheese burger with Jack Daniels sauce. It is out of this world delicious. We started with chicken skewers that were pretty good too.

The Bubblegum Daiquiri was the size of my head. It had a sweet twist to the rum drink by adding bubblegum flavouring (obviously) and a popping candy rim. 

When I ordered this, Jamie was drinking cola (he only drinks on nights out) and so I made a slight remark to the waitress that I wasn't an alcoholic and that I was celebrating my birthday.

After Jamie and I had finished our mains and were settling our food/battling a giant cocktail and brain freeze, the waitress brought over the biggest slab of chocolate cake I have seen since I was a child.

Because I mentioned (justifying my seeming alcoholism) birthday to her, the waiters and waitresses stood around our table, got everyones attention and sang happy birthday to me. It was so much fun. I was bright red and very aware that I had a whole restaurant staring at me but it really contributed to the amazingness of my weekend in Leeds.

After then after severely cheating on my healthy lifestyle, it's my birthday I don't even care, we waddled back to the hotel and just relaxed. I love that feeling of nothingness when you relax. No stressing about work, plans, general town things. Just being in a completely alien city with someone you love and not doing anything whilst doing everything, together.


As Jamie and I work early hours, it's quite hard for our body clocks to lie in and we were awake around 6.30am. We still took the opportunity to laze around and do absolutely nothing for the next four hours.

We ventured to a museum for the day. I was really hungry by this point and we opted for a cafe brunch but weirdly couldn't find anywhere. We aren't the most observant it turned out because after we snacked on Tesco's finest, we realised that there was a cafe every two floors of the museum we visited.

We had a fun little picnic though.

The Museum was educational to say the least. I felt like I was back on a school trip from 10 years ago.

*Fun fact* - If you are a glasses wearer, like myself, then the Tudors would have mocked you and called you an idiot. Also, footballer wag wannabes, if you want to look the part of the rich and famous, then go for the white look. Only the poor went out in the sun to work and therefore tanned.  Thus meaning that being tanned made you look dirty and poor. 

This is coming from people who gave themselves skin cancer by painting lead on their skin though. 
But free wine!

 The museum was so interesting, we walked around for three or four hours and never got bored.

We watched a Jesse James story reenactment. It was entertaining. He toy gun wouldn't cock so he played it into the story. I think this was one of them 'had to be there' moments now I write about it.

We are childish at times. Tall boyfriend lined up with the helmet. We also reenacted him 'starting' a police officer, getting stabbed by a jouster and shot by a hunter. The glass reflector didn't make the photos turn out great but they were so fun to make.

Saturday we got pretty lazy to venture out for dinner. We spent all afternoon shopping after our tour of the museum so we deserved a quick snack. Hotel food. Yum.

I spent so much money in the gift shop. Feeling the oriental vibes with my new Chinese fan.


I woke up happy and sad all at once. Happy because I was with the most perfect man in a hotel room and had a stress free time but sad because we were leaving.

We checked out of the hotel and it was a glorious day. The sun was shining and it was warm, with a slight chill to the air. 

Of course I felt car sick again. So we went for a bite to eat and another shopping trip.

I hate that calories taste so good. Subway coffee isn't for me though. Blergh.

After this I spotted a slushie bar. It had smoothies, fruit cocktails, everything sweet and fruity that you could ever desire. I'd just eaten and didn't want to go too crazy with the calories and cleanse day would be even more brutal than the last one. I offered Jamie one about 50 times to the point where he got annoyed and told me to stop asking. I did this because I knew he'd steal mine.

Which he did :') 

Last but not least on our White Rose checklist, after a quick visit to the Disney store, was Lush. It's been a while since I've had a Lush haul. 

I finally bought the Daddy-O purple shampoo I've been wanting. Expect reviews!

I also purchased two lush bombs, one for me and one for Jamie. I am determined to turn him into a Lushie! 

That about wraps it up for my birthday adventures, and it took me so long to write this post that it's almost not my birthday anymore! 

The picture above shows hotel adventures from my 21st birthday and my 22nd. I feel a tradition coming on. I am honestly truly blessed to have the friends, boyfriend and family that I do. They made my birthday feel really special <3

I should probably throw in a mention to work at this point. 

I got in at 7.15am ish and didn't really expect anyone to say anything as I'm still relatively new there. 
All of a sudden, my whole team gathered around my desk, had a little happy birthday sing along (which then got half the floor looking in my direction) and presented me with a red velvet cake (I had to give my slice to Jamie because of cleanse day, the horror!), a beautiful bunch of flowers and a classy crate of Fosters! Aha! 

I turned 22 the best way I could possibly imagine. And I'm celebrating it again with drinks on Friday :')

Mini Break Shopping - Primark Haul Take 3

I woke up today and it was a typical Monday. I'd stayed up too late the night before, my eyebrows had taken over half of my face and I couldn't find clothes that I wanted to wear - even though as a creature of habit, I wear the same stuff all of the time. Also, my body is re-cleansing after an ultimate cheat day and so I'm not feeling all too great right now.

I decided to treat myself after work. That's the beauty of working such an early shift, I can still go out and play with the day. 

I bought a bag to pack an entire weekend's worth of stuff in. Last time Jamie and I went away, I packed far too much stuff into a huge suitcase and it was such a pain in the backside to lug around.

I instantly loved this because of it's sheer size and summery pattern. We're going to Leeds in typical British weather for a weekend but I'm feeling the holiday mode.

As we know I'm all about that clash. This is amazeballs. I bought it to keep some make-up and my bathroom essentials in whilst away. Also, it weirdly goes with my ultimate clash outfit. 

So many patterns!

Last but not least I bought a little neckerchief. Mainly because it was £2.00 and it will look unbelievable with a nice dress and red lipstick but also because I think I could attempt a classy look. 

This new look, which I am totally dedicating a whole blog post too when I return from adventureland, was inspired by people. 

People that have the audacity to make negative comments about the way people look and their relationships and friendships. This isn't directed to anyone in particular, just situations that I have come across.

I'm insecure, I dedicated a whole blog post yesterday to every one of my insecurities and I'm still battling myself every day. But the best thing about me is that I am so proud of who I am. I have a great job, a degree, the most amazing best friends (shout out to Dannii, Kim and Richie for putting up with so much of my shit) and the most encouraging, inspiring, laid back boyfriend a girl could ask for. 

Every day I wake up and I love being me. I feel so grateful for everything that I have achieved and how fortunate I am for the opportunities I have received. I use my insecurities and negative experiences to help others in any way that I can and I'm just disappointed that other people use theirs to make others feel bad about themselves.

This girl is my spirit animal.

I finished the day with getting my eyebrows threaded. I still can't feel my face.

How do you overcome negative people?