April Wishlist

If you didn't know, my 22nd Birthday is in a week! I'm excited because my beautiful boyfriend booked us a weekend getaway in Leeds. It'll be just the two of us, romantic setting in a hotel, dining out, shopping and whatever else we get up to! Bliss. 

I decided in preparation for my birthday, to post my April Wishlist. I'm on a tight budget for the next two weeks so I can have a massive spending spree in Leeds before a night out with my lovelies the following week. Then when I come down from my Birthday high (whenever I think of my birthday, I think of Taylor Swift 22. It's been looping in my head for over a week now) I will then go and purchase all of these products. Then I will be on strict budgeting again because I'm looking into a holiday (22 is the year I will finally go abroad for the first time!) and a house. I need my privacy more than ever right now.

The Wishlist 

1. I was at work on my break when I came across this blogpost by teapartywithalice on Bloglovin'.

I adore candles and Mr Candle, a British based company, make eco-friendly candles with a hidden suprise inside. According to teapartywithalice, who gave it a glowing review, is that hidden inside each candle is a ring worth between £10 and £500. Which is revealed as the candle burns away. 

Eco-Friendly, delicious flavours, bright colours and free jewellery. What more could I ask for in a candle?!

2. Mac Foundation. 

I've been moaning on about purchasing Mac Foundation for months and don't know why I haven't bought it yet. I'm certain it featured in my last wishlist which I posted months ago. It's a brand with an excellent reputation and I have spent the same amount of money on Foundations that do not even compare to this. Plus, I would own something Mac!

3. Prairie Charms - Ophelia Head Wrap and Grace Tassel Pendant. 

I am obsessed with Prairie Charms products and people. The people behind the product are amazing and whenever I interact with them, I feel like I'm talking to a best friend.

You can read more about that here.

I am now a life long fan of Prairie Charms. I finally found someone as obsessed with glitter as I am!

You can shop at Prairie Charms here.

4. White highlights.

Currently, I'm working on rocking the ash blonde look. When that settles (I'm getting my dark roots done on Tuesday) and my hair is an even ash blonde colour, I'm going to concentrate on getting white highlights.

5. Sturdrinkseu

After a brief twitter conversation with @AmiRoseBlog the other day, I decided that I need to buy these juicy delights. The original conversation was about a love/hate relationship with coconut water when she suggested trying these. They can be used in different cold and hot drinks!

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit.

My contouring right now is very limited and at work I don't even bother but I feel this could seriously up my make-up game!

7. Last but not least, a Taylor Swift 22 birthday badge. Preferably a glittery one.

Because I'm 22 and she's a babe. That's it. 

That's it for my April Wishlist! What's in yours?

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