Bandanna Queen. Claire's Haul and Lip Tattoos.

This week has been dragging so much.

I'm not sure if it's because the four days bank holiday put me out of my routine or because the weather is so perfect and I'm too tired to do anything with it, but today I decided to do a bit of retail therapy.

The best thing about finishing work at 3.30pm is that I get to ride into town at a leisurely pace and shop for a couple of hours before everything shuts.

Today, I became the bandanna queeeeeen.

I picked up black, pink and red as they are the three colours I primarily wear. Well, the black one just goes with everything.

I also have 'green days' where I turn into Matilda's Mother and wear everything green. 

So I bought this pretty not-so-little flower.

It will look fab with my neon yellow bag!

Is it crazy that I really like Matilda's Mama's fashion. Like, look at this outfit!

I always feel like Claire's is a shop for young girls but they sell some awesome stuff that I still wear. Maybe the plastic necklaces and boyband memorabilia isn't my thing but I bought all of the above for £18.00! 

Also, I made a blog post recently about Lips like Jessie J (read that here) and decided to set aside real time to attempt lip tattoos again. 

They look horrifying but glittery lips!
These ones have specific lines to follow and so hopefully they will turn out better than last time.

That's about it from the Bandanna Queen. I really hope that catches on.

What are your spring/summer trends?

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