Cycling Down Memory Lane

I finally got the lie in I craved and woke up at 10am! I sat down to breakfast and switched on Community (my new rubbish TV show addiction) but by 12pm I was  feeling melancholic.

I decided to go for a cycle ride. Get some blood pumping, pick up some foods for dinner later and to just generally click myself out of this awful mood. 

Fake fur for cycling. Of course I wore my hi viz too.

I didn't really plan a route. I avoided town so I wouldn't have to keep stopping for cars and people and I avoided the river because, as beautiful as it is, I'm off work for four days and don't want to associate my down time with it. (I cycle to work via the river.)

I ended up cycling my old school route.

It's crazy to think that I haven't been up this path in around 6 years. I walked this route every day for 5 years. Sometimes I'd cut through the cemetery which is just to the right of this path but in the dark, cemeteries used to freak me out.

My old secondary school. It's had a paint job or 5 since I left and seems a lot smaller (or I got taller) but it's pretty much the same. Ohhhhh nostalgia. 

Fun fact: I actually met my boyfriend in this place when I was around 14 or 15. Of course he can't remember this but he actually ran away from me once.

I then rode from Longfield to Asda and passed mine and Jamie's semi-local hangout. It's semi local as it's close to his house but there's one 10 feet from his street that he just doesn't drink in. 

We went on our first date here. He was so shy haha!

When I got to Asda I spent a good twenty minutes looking for somewhere to lock up my bike. I asked a guy who worked there who said there wasn't anywhere in particular and just to attach it to the trolley area. I wasn't too impressed.

Apparently supermarkets don't accommodate cyclists.

I walked around and saw a person dressed as a Giant Easter bunny which was cute. I wanted a photo but he/she was entertaining a few families and so I just left it.  

I purchased some essentials that I had run out of. The best part is that I only spent £7.00 and £3.00 of that was on the two ready made salads I bought. 

I've never tried coconut water before. It's nice but I have to get used to it. It tastes like there's something missing. I drink a lot of coffee and so I blame that. 

For lunch I had a sweet chilli chicken and rice noodle salad. It comes to around 121 calories a pot and it was lovely. I wasn't too keen on the sauce, it seemed to heavy for what was in the salad. The variety of vegetables and chicken was a nice change to my usual lettuce, chicken and carrot though.

I cycled 3.7 miles today and now I don't feel bad about procrastinating the rest of my day to Netflix.

What have you been up to?

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