Dining out healthy and cycling in the rain - It's Easter Weekend!

I've just completed my first week of starting work at 7.30am. It's not that bad, I set off at 6.30am every morning to cycle the 2 miles to work making sure that I have enough time to grab a coffee a lock my bike away safely for the day. It's amazing finishing at 3.30pm, I feel that I still have so much of the day to play with although I tend to pass out unconscious by 9.30pm. 

My University days are long gone.

To kick off my four day Easter weekend, I decided to get my claws sharpened.

Carolyn is amazing and as well as my nail technician, she's my friend. We talk quite regularly about any old thing happening in our lives and we share quite similar opinions on most things. Our nail appointments end up with us having a good old gossip about everything and nothing.

Today I attempted a lie in but woke up at 8'oclock. My body clock is too well trained. It was nice to not have to rush and get ready but just relax, watch some films and I even treated myself to breakfast in bed. 

My boyfriend has family round for Easter and so I won't get to see him until Sunday when we go out to socialise. The positive side to this is that I have more time to blog and got to see my best friend! We used to see each other every day but when I got this job (we actually have the same job but he does night shift) our conflicting work shifts made it impossible to see each other without making an appointment.

Mermaid eyes and fluffy blonde hair

I feel like I haven't worn make-up for an eternity. It's just not worth it some days with getting up early and cycling through the elements. Plus, when I do wear make-up, I feel super good about myself now.

I arrived late because I was enthralled in a film and lost track of time. We only had just over an hour as Richie is involved in online racing and had to get home. He chose Hot Dog and chips (it looked soooo good) and I chose lime and soda water, skinny chicken burger and a side salad. Richie stared at my food and said: "That is not real food" Haha! Tasted quite good. 

I'm still doing well with my healthy lifestyle change. My cravings are subsiding and I automatically choose what I feel is the healthiest option. I bought Jamie sweets and Monster the other day and then I sat snacking on a cereal bar. Yesterday I cycled up a hill without dying and today I even took the rain head on. The rain won by the way. 

I ended up completely soaked when I got home. Oh em gee. My roots are horrendous when my hair is wet. I bought a neon pink gel phone case today too. Also I wrote about how amazing Technic Bright's Eye Shadow's are here and I still insist you buy them! It was torrential downpour and the only thing that survived was my eye make-up. Didn't even split! 

I was also slightly upset that my local Primark hadn't stocked these amazing Cinderella shoes. 

They're made of the same material as the shoes that I wore when I was 5 , and they're opened toe which freaks me out (don't ask) but I feel like I need to own them. They're so tacky :')

After a big bag of mixed emotions over the day, I came home to find out that I had been nominated for  'The Versatile Blogger Award' which you can read here. It was amazing to experience this for the first time!

What are you up to this Easter?

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