Fears and Freak Outs.

I am writing this blog post to see how many people share my strange fears and freak outs. I feel like I cannot be alone with them but at the same time they are that weird, I may actually be alone with them.

I tried to read articles and research this for a proper introduction (as my old journalism teacher used to say, I love a good drop intro) but it freaked me out and I couldn't go through with it.

Fears and Freaks Outs

1. Sponges. I'm not even kidding. It's like nails on a chalkboard to my teeth. The texture and thought of them make my skin crawl! At my boyfriend's house, they use a sponge scourer and he likes to chase me with it. Blergh.

2. Tomatoes freak me out. I actually don't know why. The texture is definitely something to do with it though.

3.  Being attacked. I blame my parents. They raised me fresh out the womb to not trust anyone, to always be alert and to always be suspicious. Now when I cycle to work and there's a guy walking his dog (who I see every morning) I imagine that he's planning to kill me. Thanks Mum and Dad.

4. The dark. I believe in ghosts. I stayed at Jamie's the other night and when I went to the bathroom and back to his room I swear someone was sat heavily breathing in the corner of his hall. Even in the day the landing where his computer sits freaks me the eff out. The worst part is that we were alone when I heard it! 

5. Holes. Another reason my number one fear is sponges. GOOGLE TRYPOPHOBIA AND CUDDLE ME.

6. Spiders. HOLY FUCK. Why do you need 8 legs and 8 eyes and why do you like to appear on my ceiling right above my bed?! I watched a TV show called Taboo and there was a tribe who seeks out and EATS THEM. Like, actual tarantula's though. I was physically sick watching this show.

7. Heights. This is just a natural fear. And because my brother used to make me climb to the top of the monkey bars when I was a kid and push me off. Also falling....from a great height. 

8. Silence. I have a fear of the awkwardness that is associated with silence. It's so bad I actually talk at people so they can't make me feel awkward which opens up a whole new set of problems.

9. The ocean at night. Not large bodies of water, not the ocean, not lakes or whatever else..just all of them in the dark. I always feel like someone is going to pull me under and drown me. This may stem from watching Jaws as a young child.

I think that's it. Actually, they aren't that weird. Okay, a few are.

What are you afraid of?

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