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Welcome to the first interview I have ever conducted for this blog. I haven't conducted an interview in a long time so I was a little nervous and realised a few of my questions were the same just worded differently. It's okay though, improvisation skills through being an awkward person saved the day!

This lovely gentleman is Jamie Fernandes. 22, Darlingtonian with a half Portuguese side (although he sounds so much posher than the rest of us), works in Finance with a degree in Computing and is a sport fanatic, gym buff, into nights out. F1, Fifa and gaming are to him like silver to a magpie. 

That was very dating profilesque. Anywho, Jamie also has an alter ego, a darker side, a funnier side, an internet side. His alter ego takes shape in the form of his YouTube Channel: JayFerGaming.

See what he did with the name there? I didn't, after 6 months of being together I asked him and he stared at me whilst actually spelling it out. Jamie Fernandes Gaming = Jay Fer Gaming. Oh, yeah, I kind of cheated with this first interview. He's my boyfriend. Ha!

The Interview

I found some of this a little weird as I (am supposed to) know this guy inside and out and I was asking him questions about things I already knew. Let us begin.

1. Why did you start your YouTube Channel?

I saw some other gamers create videos and enjoyed that and I just combined sports and gaming and felt like making videos about them. 

2. What types of things do you post?

F1 and fifa videos and a Harlem shake of course. 

3. Who inspired you and continues to do so?

My friend Macca said that he was going to start one and so I thought yeah I could that, he didn't start one so I just did it and watched a few other channels. I watch the biggest F1 YouTuber, I do a few similar things to his, tiametmarduk - he's from Australia. 

4. Any future plans for your YouTube channel? I.e. expanding into different genres?

I was thinking about going back to PS1 games but I need to work out how to record that. Yeah, just waiting for F1 2015 mainly. 

5. Would you ever do this as a career?

Yeah! That would be quite good for gaming and making videos for a career. Yeah, I'd do that.

6. Is this your dream career?

I guess it could be. Or an F1 driver. I should be F1 world champion by now.

7. How do you encourage others inspired by you?

I don't know if anyone's inspired by me. Erm, I guess people ask me questions about the channel and I give a bit of advice to people on how they could improve their videos.

8. Would you ever guest vlog?

Like dual commentary? Possibly. 

(Interview note, KSI is a definite yes)

9. Are you a part of any communities?

Yeah, F1XL and FXL, forza league and F1 league and then I suppose I'm part of gaming forums like F1, fifa, that kind of stuff.

10. Why do you like them?

Because I like gaming. Erm, you get feedback on some videos, it's mainly people advertising their own channel though.

11. How has the channel changed you as a person? 

It hasn't in real life, I mean in the videos if you look right back at my first one I sound like an idiot (Insert hilarious impersonation of young Jamie by current Jamie) and now I'm like (Insert very enthusiastic cartoonish current Jamie impersonation of current Jamie). I've gained a lot of confidence and I'm just better at it now. 

12. What are the negative aspects of running a channel?

I suppose when you get bad comments, I don't tend to get them on my channel but more on the forums I post on when people accuse you of spamming. I suppose a few dislikes but I'm not really bothered about that. If a video doesn't do to well in terms of views. It all happens eventually. 

13. How does that affect you as a YouTuber?

I suppose a couple of times like with series and stuff I've just thought what's the point and stopped doing them which I have done with a couple. Like Fifa Career Mode for example. 

14. How do you respond to criticism and feedback?

I guess I use it to improve my videos but most of the time it's just stupid people (trolls) online. Nearly every comment I respond to and if they're asking a question, I answer it. 

15. What are your proudest achievements to date?

Reaching 100,000 views, maybe a bit more. 794 Subscribers I think is quite good. One of my video's got to 12,000 views ... somehow, I don't know how that happened. Yeah that's quite good. 

16. Do you have a claim to fame?

Intothebarrier who is I think the second most famous F1 YouTuber included my question in his Q and A. It was a funny question as well and he dedicated like a minute section to it. It was a funny question and I got a funny answer.

You can watch his claim to fame video here! JayFerGaming features around 5:30

"Are you Michael Own? You sound like Michael Owen. I think you're Michael Owen." 
"Well I'm sick and tired of people saying I sound like Michael Owen."

17. What are your favourite videos? Your own and other peoples?

The only ones that I watch of my own back are the F1 league highlights, I don't know I just like to watch them back. Other peoples videos, I like watching peoples career modes, like starting from the bottom and progressing to the top. (He started singing around now). 

18. Who is your favourite YouTuber?

MGH, KSI, tiametmarduk, intothebarrier and a few others like that.

19. Which video was the most fun to make?

I don't know I like the Harlem Shake, it's okay but it's kind of not what my channel's about. Career mode maybe. That's probably the funnest one, the Harlem Shake. There's Harlem Shake music and I dance, and there's a surprise at the end. 

20. Do you get strange reactions when you tell people you're a YouTuber?

I suppose people at work were a bit surprised. I posted it on Facebook and they were a little bit. I don't really know why. 

21. How do you feel when people find out you're a YouTuber?

I feel a little bit embarrassed but I don't know why. 

22. The name JayFerGaming is a play on your real name. How did you come up with it?

Well I was thinking of starting a YouTube channel so I thought I had to think of a name and I had a look online and it suggested using your name or something so I just combined them.

The Man Behind The Channel

It's always fun to get to know the person as well as the channel. I threw in some random questions just for fun.

1. Are you a people person who someone who prefers to be alone?

Bit of both. I like my alone time but I also like to go out. Like on Friday, I've got a day off work, I'm going to spend it on my own then pick you up, spend like an hour with you and then we'll go to town and meet up with people. 

2. Would you rather be attacked by a bear or a swarm of bees?

Probably a bear. It just seems like the way to go. 

3. How long have you been into sports?

Erm, I think it was about 6 days ago. Jokes. Since I was younger, my Dad used to watch F1 and he liked football so I got into it that way. 

4. What do you drink with dinner?

Orange juice. Dilutable. Or Monster. Once in a while.

5. What is your favourite colour? 

Oh, I don't know. Red I'd say based on my chino collection.

6. What's your favourite football team?

Sunderland. Nah, Newcastle. 

7. Favourite F1 driver?

*Long moment of silence* Sebastian Vettel. Screw you Alonso (his former fav until the team change, sensitive subject). 

8. Do you sing in the shower?

Sometimes. Usually before a night out I guess. 

9. Bath or shower?

Shower. It's quicker. 

10. Do you smile in pictures?

Well yeah, I usually have my mouth open.

11. What are your thoughts on Social Media?

It's good mainly, obviously there's some stupid people and I see some really annoying people but overall it's good for the world. People can share better, share their lives, share funny videos and things. (Insert Tinder joke here.)

That's about it for my first ever interview! 
Hope you guys enjoyed it.
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You can find JayFerGaming by following this URL!

Or watch his latest video below.

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