Mini Break Shopping - Primark Haul Take 3

I woke up today and it was a typical Monday. I'd stayed up too late the night before, my eyebrows had taken over half of my face and I couldn't find clothes that I wanted to wear - even though as a creature of habit, I wear the same stuff all of the time. Also, my body is re-cleansing after an ultimate cheat day and so I'm not feeling all too great right now.

I decided to treat myself after work. That's the beauty of working such an early shift, I can still go out and play with the day. 

I bought a bag to pack an entire weekend's worth of stuff in. Last time Jamie and I went away, I packed far too much stuff into a huge suitcase and it was such a pain in the backside to lug around.

I instantly loved this because of it's sheer size and summery pattern. We're going to Leeds in typical British weather for a weekend but I'm feeling the holiday mode.

As we know I'm all about that clash. This is amazeballs. I bought it to keep some make-up and my bathroom essentials in whilst away. Also, it weirdly goes with my ultimate clash outfit. 

So many patterns!

Last but not least I bought a little neckerchief. Mainly because it was £2.00 and it will look unbelievable with a nice dress and red lipstick but also because I think I could attempt a classy look. 

This new look, which I am totally dedicating a whole blog post too when I return from adventureland, was inspired by people. 

People that have the audacity to make negative comments about the way people look and their relationships and friendships. This isn't directed to anyone in particular, just situations that I have come across.

I'm insecure, I dedicated a whole blog post yesterday to every one of my insecurities and I'm still battling myself every day. But the best thing about me is that I am so proud of who I am. I have a great job, a degree, the most amazing best friends (shout out to Dannii, Kim and Richie for putting up with so much of my shit) and the most encouraging, inspiring, laid back boyfriend a girl could ask for. 

Every day I wake up and I love being me. I feel so grateful for everything that I have achieved and how fortunate I am for the opportunities I have received. I use my insecurities and negative experiences to help others in any way that I can and I'm just disappointed that other people use theirs to make others feel bad about themselves.

This girl is my spirit animal.

I finished the day with getting my eyebrows threaded. I still can't feel my face.

How do you overcome negative people?

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