#OOTD Trashy Hype Tee

Today's post is a simple OOTD update.

I keep saying I'm not into hypes but I genuinely think I am. 

I've seen a lot of girls wear T-shirts saying slogans like "More issues than Vogue" and it got to the point wear I was like, it's so hyped up and trashy that I want one! 

I also have one that I'm wearing tomorrow with a frigging hashtag on it. It's awful. I love it!

The seller on Ebay was so quick delivering it and so good with the price. The only thing is that I always have to wear a vest under a vest as it's a little see-through. Perfect for the holidays but I don't think work would appreciate my neon bras.

I'm also getting better at cycling! People must think, 'cycling is not that hard' but when you're as unfit as me...it really is. I set off from work an hour before my shift, you know in case I get hit by a car or bust a tire of something, but today I made it in 17 minutes! I'm so proud of myself.

I like to leave time to 'get in the zone' for work. The lighting is nauseous, my eye sight has gotten worse, I change out of my cycling gear and I grab my first cup of coffee at work. I used to have one before I went but got the worst heartburn and stomach ache from it.

I really need to go to the opticians but apparently planning my hair and nails takes priority- I really hate that they shine a torch in my eyes, they're so sensitive :'( Also, my roots are horrendous and I'm going away for my birthday next week. 

The only thing I still can't do is a hill near work. I could do it if they removed the barrier and didn't make me hill start but that's probably not going to happen. One day I'll take on that dreaded hill- and probably die at the top. (It's like the smallest hill in the world.)

I miss that I haven't posted about make-up lately. I rarely wear any to work as I simply don't have the time. Sadface. This Friday I'm going out so I'll glam right up. I miss a made up face.

I posted the links to the Tees that I purchased yesterday but here they are again if anyone missed them and wants to join my little hype. The seller is amazing and so quick to deliver these high quality goods! I definitely recommend. 

What hypes have you been into lately?


  1. You'll get up that hill and through the barrier. The gap is bigger than you think. Have confidence so you don't wobble and you'll be fine :) its a great day when you first conquer the hill :)

  2. Awww thank you sweetie. It puts me off because I crashed into it on the first day aha! I have no confidence in myself. Thank you for the motivation! I'm going to keep trying until I conquer and then celebrate in style, alone at the top of the hill, AHA! <3 xoxoxo