Positive (and Pink) is Key

I've been feeling down lately. I have a high pressure job (I do love it though), my roots are darker than Voldemort's soul and I had to remove my acrylic nails because they were a teeny tiny bit impractical for work and cycling. They looked fierce though!

What made my day was weighing myself. I usually hate it because I don't feel any different, I'm still crap at cycling up hills (although I conquered it today!) and eating healthily feels like a punishment to me. I enjoy junk food a ridiculous amount and work have buffets and a canteen (which my desk is that close to, I can smell the food cooking) that sells amazing foods.

I'm trying so hard to like green tea and fruit tea. My parents used to give me fruit flavoured medicinal tea (or something to that affect) when I was ill as a child and so I find it so hard to enjoy it's flavour. And I'm addicted to coffee so it just tastes like there's something missing. (Obviously I am dependent on caffeine.)


I wish I felt like I'd lost 6 pounds. I think I honestly need to change my attitude to this whole thing. I subconsciously just think that because I'm doing it, I'll be muscle man when I wake up with this amazing diet and attitude and I'll feel fantastic constantly. I need to work harder on that.

Have a photo of yesterday's OOTD. I decided that because this post is about to become very pink it was appropriate. Also, cheeseball tee #2 It's so awful. I love it!

Jamie's bath got fixed! Okay, so the water was a little cold and I got out after 10 minutes but I haven't been able to bathe in...I don't even know, MONTHS! We don't have a bath at mine due to my Mum's disability but I love to collapse in his and just lay there in bubble land...bliss. Jamie also lies on the floor and we play quiz games on our phones. Feel the romance! 

To get over how dreadful today was, (even though I booked my appointment on Monday), I went and got my nails redone! To something a lot more practical. They're not as fierce as usual but I can type at high speeds (a job requirement) and ride a bike without ripping my finger nails off. So cute and glittery.

My new shaker cup blender bottle arrived! I ordered some shakes to replace meals and bought this neon pink (of course) bottle to put them in. Definitely improved my attitude towards this whole thing. 

Also, a new thing for the blog. I conducted my first interview yesterday which I am transcribing now and promptly uploading.

What have you been up to lately?

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