#PrairieLife Collaboration with 'Make a Wish Foundation'

This morning I found it so difficult to switch out of bank holiday mode.

I am a creature of habit. I see my boyfriend on specific days, I cycle the same routes at the same time, I go to the hairdressers and nail salon at precisely the same time every month and I get to work 10 minutes early and leave 10 minutes later than my shift every day. I plan everything. Probably because I'm such an anxious person. 

There are some elements of my life that I like to keep a surprise though. Like when I online shop and then forget about it, or when my best friends ring me out of the blue, or when Jamie sends me flowers for Valentine's day (even if he did pretend they weren't from him and made me freak out for a good 10 minutes before he told me.) 

Today I had the Monday blues. Or the Chew-sday blues as they became known around the office. Going from lie ins and procrastination back to the 9-5 life (well 7.30 to 3.30 life) was tiring. That was until I came home to this AMAZING PACKAGE.

I fell in love with the packaging so much that I didn't open it for about half an hour. Then my Mum made me open it and stole my sparkly envelope :'(

Before I explain it's contents, and so you can fixate on the packaging too, I'll tell you more about this collaboration.

Prairie Charms got in touch with me over Twitter a couple of weeks ago. This proceeded to Emailing and they asked me if I would like to collaborate, online shop and help Charity all in one go. Of course I said yes (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this post).

The part that made me scream yes before even checking out their website was that the entire collaboration was based on supporting charity. I recently posted about #TheDress featuring in a compelling domestic abuse campaign. I'm pretty serious about my charities. 

This collaboration aids the 'Make a Wish Foundation' by highlighting the importance of giving back to the community. Each purchase we make and every blog post we write raises money and awareness which hopefully inspires others to make small gestures and donations which in turn could create a big impact on the Charity.

25% of each of the order proceeds go to the Charity which then enables youngsters and children who are suffering terminal and life threatening conditions to be granted their wishes. 

Wearing the products that I bought from Prairie Charms also lets me feel like I'm representing the Charity. When someone asks me about the product I get to talk about why I bought it and what the money and the company I purchased it from is doing to help.

My Purchase

What I adored, after the obsession with the sparkly packaging, was the inside packaging. Every gift was individually wrapped up and stamped with a company sticker, some had sequins in and others were scented with a gorgeous perfume. It felt very personal. Especially since the company even asked what my favourite colour was and sent me my gifts in that colour! The free gifts I received were also my favourite colour. I will definitely be buying from this company again.

I purchased the Inez pink glitter bow and the Grace Floral updo wrap and received a 25% discount. I thought this was a wonderful gesture, I was prepared to pay as I knew the proceeds also went to charity! 

Alongside the purchased discounted products, Prairie Charms sent two free gifts as a thank you for collaborating and as their personal way of giving back to the community. 

I received some Eliza Pink Stripe Treat bags which will come in so useful. My boyfriend has a super sweet tooth and I'm trying to keep my snacks healthy at work. I can use these for different fruits and mini cereal bars without them getting lost in my bag.

My next free gift was these super cute Kaia Bobby Pins which became my saviour quickly as stray hairs were annoying me when sat in the office and cycling. And they're glamorous. I'm a huge fan of crystals, gems, minerals, etc and these are like a mini version of them I can wear as part of any outfit.

I've already planned my next purchase from Prairie Charms. The Ophelia Head Wrap.
All of the products that I have received and will purchase in the future will feature in future #ootd and lifestyle posts. People at work already think I'm bright/cheerful and glittery, this just expanded my collection.

They even included a thank you card. Over social media and dealing with orders they aren't just drones that treat you like you're in the way, but more like an excited best friend which is why they are now a firm favourite.

To connect with the company visit their website here
Or via Social Media by searching Prairie Charms

To donate to the 'Make a Wish Foundation' click here

What charities do you support? Link me below! 


  1. It's all so adorable! Oh, and I don't blame your mum for stealing the envelope - I would have done the same thing! haha!
    Hope you have a wonderful week! <3

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    also on BLOGLOVIN 

    1. Thank you! I adore everything I bought and such a great cause! I know, she hasn't given it back to me :'( aha! Thank you beautiful, hope you have a fabulous week too! <3 xoxo