Stepping Up My Fitness Game...After This BBQ

This weekend started badly. I snapped my acrylic nail off against my bike and then had to remove them all because I kept catching them on everything. I'm getting them redone this week and going a lot shorter, being fit and having nice nails apparently isn't my thing.

I started craving junk food again. There were burgers and fries at work that smelled amazing and Jamie kept talking about Dominoes and then uploaded this TimeHop image which just made it worse. Must. Not. Cave. In.

I decided that I needed to change it up a little, I'm cycling 4-5 miles a day (sometimes extra if I go shopping) and eating the same foods every day (mainly lettuce). I stopped feeling like I was making healthy choices and started craving junk food again. 

One blog that I absolutely adore is

This lady promotes fitness and healthy eating whilst allowing herself to actually eat chocolate at Easter and takeout when she wants it.

Of course I'm no where near her level yet but I have decided to up my own fitness game.

I didn't originally plan to lose weight just change my lifestyle to a healthier one but I'm miserable and craving a Big Mac on top of a Dominoes pizza. I decided to change my plan to lose weight and then gain it back through muscle. Go to the gym, start swimming classes, etc. I've started off with Slim Fast Diet shakes. I don't plan on using them for too long but I think it'll aid the lose weight to get muscle scheme. I think when I start seeing a difference in myself, I'll stop craving shit and then feel like this lifestyle difference is worth more than a pizza :')

Upon my gym buff boyfriend's advice, a also bought a blender bottle for convenience. 

I can use it for cold drinks, diet shakes and eventually protein shakes. My problem is that I'm too impatient and expect results imminently. I have to take a step back and think of the bigger picture.

You can read about my other 'fitness' posts here, here and here.

It started with a BBQ

Before all of the above came into action, Jamie invited me to his family BBQ. My family don't really do anything like this, I don't think we even like each other most days (clashing personalities, they seem like nice people) and so when I get invited to Jamie's it makes me a little too excited. 

Boys are brutal. Jamie's poor Auntie :')

It was so much fun. I'm not even bothered that I went over my calorie limit. I was drinking alcohol so it was expected. Playing games like Articulate and the Logo game really shows how little I know about things. Jamie's Auntie nearly choked to death on some food when I put 'A cracker that is also a posh hotel in London' down as Jacobs. It's Ritz by the way :')


I actually like weekends in more than going out. There's always a prick that has to be centre of attention and start something and I just can't be bothered. I'm not whitty and full of puns and I just genuinely do not care enough. 

This weekend was perfect. Jamie and I stayed in bed all of Saturday. The weather was great but it was cold. That was our excuse. 

I was craving McDonalds really badly. I honestly don't know why. It's probably because my body hasn't had to be starved of what it craves before, but it has never craved anything healthy.

Aside from the plastic cheese which I had already opened before realising it's full of crap, I made my own healthier version of Maccy Ds with Quorn burgers.

It was good and the craving subsided but I caved and got a milkshake from Milkshak in Darlington. It's not horrifically bad though. Jamie got a twix version and I got a 'healthier' Mango and Passionfruit. 

We relaxed all night with Milkshake and finally got round to completing Rayman Legends! We started out next venture of Spyro. Jamie's not too keen but I love it because I'm actually good at a game for once :') We're planning on something like Crash Bandicoot next. 

I hate Sundays

Weekends go far too quickly for my liking. I'm such an anxious person that Sunday is my 'did I do all the shit I was supposed to this week?' day. Usually not. I should just face facts that I am a clumsy and forgetful person. I had a notebook but I don't remember where I put it. 

You all know that I ADORE my clashing fashions. Well today was the day I found my ultimate clashing outfit. My psychedelic nun cardigan, my school girl check skirt and my stripey (usually hidden beneath some form of shirt) vest top. It is lacking the neon colors I usually wear but if I wasn't just getting dressed to move from my boyfriend's house to mine, I would have paired it with my bandanna and neon make-up. I love it.

Check out where I got the skirt here and the cardigan here. The vest top was from Primark about 300 years ago.

Also, mail day! I got the cheesiest t-shirts I could find online. All about dat hype. New #ootd posts coming this week! 

I got the tees here if you're interested.

How was your weekend?

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