The Ultimate Cheat Day - Easter Weekend

Today I woke up lethargic, dry mouthed, with a massive headache. Hungover...I woke up hungover.

It was a nice 4 days off work. I finally got to see some friends that I hadn't seen in what feels like forever, I got to take a break from counting calories and got that long lusted for lie in which actually made me feel worse and messed up my body clock. I also found out that my body can handle a lot of coffee consumption.


I wore my Poppy dress and a clashing stripey cardigan. The weather was amazing so I only wanted to wear thin layers. I also had Poison Ivy inspired make-up on.

We spent the day on a miniature pub crawl which was a lot of fun. We came across the standard rude arseholes but I know my Mama and Paps raised me right so I didn't let it get to me.

This lovely lady featured is Jess. I've been best friends with Richie for a long time now and this was the first time I met his wonderful girlfriend. We got on so well. I honestly can't wait to plan double dates and shopping trips with her! 

The day before, when I was sat blogging, cycling and binging on Community episodes, I saw a Facebook update from my boyfriend. 

My family have never celebrated Easter. Every now and then they throw us some money or chocolate but we never made any real effort to actually celebrate. We aren't religious people, I can't blame them.

Anyway, next year I want to celebrate Easter properly. Jamie and his family took part in an Easter egg hunt and had a bunch of food and a miniature party concentrated on bonding as a family. I wasn't there but it sounded like fun.

I haven't eaten chocolate in almost a month. Ergh, I almost ripped the bunnies head off but I remained loyal to this lifestyle change.

I made the rookie mistake of only eating toast and three chicken bites the entire time we were out. I made the joke that I can't have gone over my calorie limit that much but in all seriousness it is important to line your stomach and have a proper meal if planning on drinking in large amounts. My hangover is my punishment.

Next Easter I want to learn a little from Jamie and his family. Although the pub crawl was fantastic, I want to do something productive. Like decorate some boiled eggs and have a contest, get my face painted (this actually happened last year) and bake a cake. 

Easter was great but I want to do more next year. 

Also, I'm pretty snap-happy on nights out. (I'm addicted to Instagram and blogging) but I realised that other peoples photos are what really matters. This photo of Jamie and I is completely unstaged. I told him I loved him and gave him a kiss on the cheek (more like his eyeball actually) and Danielle captured it. It is my new favourite photo. 


After a fun filled Easter weekend and subconsciously planning the next one, I've celebrated my last day off by having hungover cuddles before moving to my own bed and wasting my life on Netflix. Tomorrow's 6.30am cycle to work may actually kill me. 

18 days until Jamie and I venture to Leeds for my 22nd birthday! My gorgeous boyfriend booked us into a hotel. I'm thinking of making this a tradition as we went to a hotel for my 21st too!

How was your Easter? Link me your posts! 

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