Best Friend's Birthday Bash!

Over the next few weeks I have so many events coming up. It appears that every close family member, friend and boyfriend were all born around the same time or have an anniversary of some sort coming up. I love birthday's and anniversaries but I've just moved from weekly to monthly pay and I can't stop seeing stuff and being like "Jamie/Kim/Uncle Bob would love this!"

Yesterday my best friend, and baby of the group, turned 20. We threw her a surprise birthday meal/night out because she went through some motions and was stressed about planning something.

Kim taught me to overload on the glitter (I think I incorporated this into my life a little too much) and so I wrapped all of her presents with a sprinkling of glitter confetti, glow-sticks and party poppers. 

I mainly bought her some holiday clothes after a ranty phone call that she couldn't find anything that she liked. 

We went for a meal at Al Forno's. The food was great, worth the money we were paying but the customer service was disputable. A couple of us left to refresh our drinks and go for a cigarette and when we came back in the senior manager was openly shouting at our waitress saying he disliked large parties. 

We were on our best behaviour and our bill came to £128, there are plenty of restaurants that would be happy to cater to larger parties, you took my reservation but you won't be again. 

I will be returning for their fantastic cocktail bar though.

Bubblegum Daiquiri with popping candy and a bon bon to finish is divine.

Of course, what is a night out without a little drama? We had a little gatecrasher which proceeded into a small episode of Hollyoaks. My only comment is that friends should know where their loyalties lie but unfortunately they find out how poisonous someone is at their own pace. Someone being the villain but looking like a victim isn't as obvious to someone who hasn't experienced them or is looking for it.

I've blogged about the importance of disposing of toxic people in the past here.

My only regret, which my boyfriend kindly pointed out, is that I hate confrontation and so have come across two faced. I have very strong morals and opinions but when it comes to arguing with particular people, there is no winning. It's easier to be nice/civil to them than share exactly what I feel and have a pointless argument with someone who's ego is the size of China. 

I'm learning slowly. The longer I stay nice/civil to someone who is poisonous, the longer they have someone feeding into their ego and the ability to leak poison into someone's mind and life. 

I have the best boyfriend and friends that I would do anything to protect. Sometimes, that's all that matters.

To end on a positive note. I have lost a stone! I'm feeling healthier and more confident as time goes on. Still a long way to go though.

How amazing is this skirt?

How was your weekend?

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