De-Stress Date Night and Rainbow Nails

This week has sucked! It's only Thursday and I am ready for the weekend!

First of all, I am glad that the election has come to an end. I understand that politics is important but it brings out the worst in people. Especially when they feel the need to shove their views down people's throats.

Politics and religion are two things I strongly respect but everyone has their own views and morals and guaranteed someone will disagree. Instead of arguing and constantly pushing people to agree, people should just respect that others don't share the same opinions.

I have been holding that in for a week!

I despise social media around times like this because all of a sudden someone becomes this political genius and by tomorrow they don't give a shit again.

Work has been stressful, friendships have been stressful (some many of my friends were born around the same time!), life in general has thrown me a curveball.

After a particularly stressful day (how many times in one post can I mention the word stressful?) yesterday, my wonderful boyfriend took me out for some dinner. We have a tradition (well I do) in which we tend to eat at the same pub we had our first date in all that time ago. I think Jamie just goes because it's near his house! aha!

Look at that boy's mouth :') I also wear pink every Wednesday. A subconscious Mean Girls reference and if you're going to wear a tutu to work, you may as well go all out.

I felt a little better after the meal. The problem with me is that I can't let things go. If I've disagreed with a friend it bugs me for days, I'm constantly in work mode and I always feel on edge. Dannii, her Mama, Jamie and Kim are always telling me to chill out :')

The problem with me is that I'm a people pleaser. I'll do things that I have no care for just to make people happy. It's a little tiring.

I love bath time! I realise I sounded about 5 years old then. Whacking on a candle, running a hot bubble bath and plonking in every bath bomb and soap you have is just the best way to unwind. I love my boyfriend's house a little extra because he has a bath and I don't. It's okay, he knows this.

 It's actually stressful showering at home. That is the weirdest sentence you've probably ever heard. My Dad is an old traditional military man. We have a boiler that controls the temperature of the water in our house, of course when it's switched on, it costs money (well, duh). All of a sudden when it gets switched on it's like a military operation. Dad goes first because he goes to work at 4am, followed by Mum, after she's had a little tizzy, followed by my brother, his girlfriend, half of China and my long lost cousin that I didn't know existed, then I get to go...often in a cold one.

If I'm lucky, I can slip in just after my Dad. The water is still hot but I get like 5 minutes before the rest of the house realise and lose their shit.

When I move out I am having my own bathroom. With a bath!

I adore Jamie's because I spend hours in there and no-one cares. His Mama even got me a card for my birthday with a little bear bathing on the front. She scrawled the message "I couldn't resist" inside :') She gets me.

Also, Jamie doesn't believe in me bathing alone. I don't even mean super romantic or in a rude way. I bathe and he sits on the floor whilst we play mobile quiz games. Our current obsession is 94%. Who said romance was dead?


Actually, speaking of romance, in an offhanded comment, I said to Jamie "I need to get a cap or something to protect my hair from the rain when I'm cycling." Lately it's been pouring down and the cutie has given me a lift to work (perks of having the exact same job!) as I didn't really want to have to sit at work soaking wet all day. For a belated birthday present he actually got me a beanie hat! aha! 

Little fun fact. I was a massive tom boy when I first got with Jamie and I used to live in beanies :')
Until my a-hole brother stole them all.

As I tried to pull myself out of this shitty mood (I think I'm just really tired now) I decided to get my nails done. My hair and nails are actually like a hobby...and a free therapy session.

I originally thought of black. Was going to do a quippy Insta post with black eye-shadow and dark lipstick and write an awe inspiring dig at the world. 

It was semi-inspired by this old post. It seemed quirky at the time, don't judge me.

Instead, my nail tech knows me so well, I ended up with these bad boys!

Colours make me happy.

The photos of course do it zero justice at all. The only downside is that I have to keep them short to be able to do my job properly. And cycle of course.

Last but by no means least, I treated myself to a new book. For someone who excelled beyond her years in English and has a Journalism degree, I'm really shit at buying and reading books. 

Of course if you follow this blog closely, you'll know about my obsession with dearest RuPaul. (This may or may not be the third post in a row in which he has been mentioned). 

I bought his book! He shamelessly advertises his music and books (obviously, it is his show, who wouldn't do the same) in the show and so I bought it to have a little chill time.

I'm 5 pages in and I love it. I swear we have the same thoughts!

I was going to write one of the quotes here to finish the post but there are far too many to choose from. Every single word is an inspirational post in itself.

I bought the book on Ebay if you're interested :)


Now, I'm going to attempt a hot shower (there has already been arguments), crawl into bed, turn off my phone and read Ru to candle light. 

Thank Jebus it's Friday tomorrow. Also, I really need a holiday!

I am 22 and I have never been on holiday abroad. 

I also haven't been on any form of holiday like break in 9 years.

Tha fuck?

What are your de-stress/switch off work mode tips and tricks?

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