Fruity Fashion and Neon Nights Swatch Review

Being an adult is expensive.

When I was younger I thought that we all had magic life long jobs that paid exceptionally well and we were all just super rich people that went to meals and had parties all of the time.

Well I do have a good job and do go to meals and parties all the time but how stressful are finances and taxes? Like, what the fuck are taxes? I literally only figured it out because I work in finance. I obviously knew what taxes were but it is another dimension attempting to figure out exactly what goes where and how much you earn and contribute and having to sign up to things that won't effect you for like 50 years or you may not even use at all. Just ... what?

One of the better things I like to spend my money on is my lovely friends and boyfriend. I blogged about my best friend's birthday last week and this time it was Jamie's turn.

I wanted to take more photos but he hates me being on my phone all the time. Perks of being a vlogger, you don't need as many/any photos as someone with a blog.

I bought Jamie some games, one of which was for an Xbox he doesn't even own-awks, bath stuff, Dash cams, cook book and a t-shirt with our job title on to go with some Chinos (It's like a tradition to buy him chinos for every occasion). I really want him to wear the tee to work :') Although I'm a little disappointed in the seller of the Dash cam as I purchased a bag and SD Card, wires, etc to make it a complete present that Jamie could use immediately but the seller was near impossible to get in contact with and then 'forgot' that I'd paid a wad of extra cash for the rest of this purchase and so Jamie just has the Dash cam that he can't even use yet. Unbelievable, 

I took him out for dinner on Wednesday at our usual restaurant (our first date feels like so long ago now) and it turns out that I really suck at holding in secrets. The entire dinner I was busting a gut trying to hold in the surprise cake but I ruined it at the last hurdle. I also used the bath stuff to get ready for bank holiday. I actually suck at this.

Bank Holidays fly over far too quickly for my liking, but this weekend I got to test out my new Neon Nights electric eye colour palette, wear my new fruity fashion dress and celebrate my boyfriend's birthday in style.

It started on Saturday, usually I spend Friday nights with Jamie too and it sucked that I didn't because I just ended up bored and fidgety but too tired to actually be any form of productive. 

Saturday I was invited bowling and sorely lost. I guess I feel embarrassed when playing certain sports when all of the attention is on me which, if you know me, is completely weird. I haven't really got a competitive bone unlike my friends and boyfriend, I kind of just let people win and don't try although I really should because I feel awesome when I do win at things.

Hanging out with twins is always fun. In real life they have differences in hairstyles, clothing and one wears glasses. Jamie's Mum and Auntie look like I've copied and pasted the same person in this photo.

I adored my new make-up which I tried and tested for bowling.

Below is a swatch of all of the colours on my forearm. I'm cold so I have goosebumps.

The yellow and silver aren't my favourite as they are too 'loose.' They don't really 'pack onto' the eye as well as the others and aren't as pigmented so I didn't end up wearing it out due to it not being bold enough. I'd probably wear these under the eyelid or to add a bit of shading to a primary colour but wouldn't wear these independently.

The rest are amazing and so easily applicable to the eyes. I tested out all of them before the night out but only had an hour as so photographed three completed looks that I loved. My favourite colours to use were all of the blues, the pink and reds, the greens at the top of the photo (I just noticed that the light green one has been cut out of this photo) and the purple. The blue nearer the right of my forearm (top of the photo) isn't too great on it's own but when it is packed on, the colour is beautiful.

The dark blue independently. 

I did a split eye effect for bowling. The light blue and the royal blue. I received a few compliments which felt great for the ego.

After bowling we had a little buffet with Jamie's family and then watched Eurovision. It's such a cheesy show. I think I only watch it because I love the spirit of it and Graham Norton is so sassy. I dance like the guys did that represented Israel. It was annoying to Jamie because I was dancing and kept bugging him to click the red button and sing along with me. Of course he wouldn't and then I fell asleep aha!

Left 4 Dead 2 was one of the games that I bought for Jamie. We blasted it instead of Spyro this weekend and we make quite a good team. Jamie was super cute and gave me a first aid pack even though his health was low, who said romance is dead, right? But we ended up in a mini argument (maybe I do get competitive after all) because he said I was bad at the game when all he did was stand in my line of fire :') I love my relationship.

Ignore my half arsed tattoo. I want a watercolour finish to it but I need to find the right artist, save the money and have the time to go and get it done. It's harder because 18 year old University version of me rushed getting this one done and so a lot of artists will be judgemental that they're 'fixing' a screwup when actually they're just adding the next layer.

This was my Sunday outing outfit. Jamie's Mum and Auntie complimented me so much, I felt really special, like a fruity princess. I used the green that was cut off the swatch photo with the dark green to match the leaves on the dress for a nature inspired look, I wore a green/yellow flower in my hair too. I love the cherry pin up style and it was so worth the money I paid for it. It was just under £20 on Ebay.

I bought this dress to go with the watermelon shoes that I bought from Asda a couple of blog posts ago. 

I even bought a drink to match my outfit.

The night was really good. I won't overload with photographs like I usually do (and kinda already have) but this was a night where we all had a genuinely good night and there were no arguments and no drama. 

And apparently a lot of vodka.

I think he likes my dress. Haha!

Never ever shot Jeeper's Reaper's chilli vodka. Especially if it comes in a bottle that looks like it should be a really bad bubble bath. 

Majority of us tried and it flashed me back to two years ago when I ate a ghost chilli and dry heaved/wanted to die because my whole body set on fire and my heart was going to explode via horrific palpitations. Of course we couldn't then drink milk because we were consuming copious amounts of alcohol and so had to suffer until it was over. I think it plumped my lips because of the cinnamon though.

I've officially lost 1 stone and 2 pounds which was completely ignored due to the bank holiday. I was healthy until a cocktail hit my lips and then it was all downhill from there.

I ended my drunken stupor with a Parmo. Anyone from North England, or generally England but they are the best when made in the North, will know how greasily delicious these are. They are, of course, really unhealthy and contain like 2 days worth of calories...and I had chips. I ate this and woke up also wishing that I hadn't drank. Then Jamie and I ordered Dominoes.

I'm not even sorry.

I am dreading when my body goes into cleanse tomorrow though. I also regret that I left over half of this pizza at Jamie's house. I kinda want to finish it now.

So that's my boyfriend's bank holiday birthday, new fabulous dress and make-up review all rolled into one post. 

I recommend the eye-shadow and the seller of my dress unconditionally. The dress is amazing, fast distribution and great communication and the eye-shadow is the best thing to happen to me since Technic Brights Eye Shadow Palette

If you want the dress then click here.
Neon Nights Eye-shadow - click here.
Shoes - click here.

How was your bank holiday?

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