Gypsy Fashion vs Bodycon.

Today my Mum sent me on an errand. To buy an identical pair of leggings to mine. At first I was like "Find your own style" and then I was like "Yayy, my Mama is getting girly just like me!." And to be fair they're Primark leggings so I can't really say she's copying a style aha!

I swore to myself that I wasn't going to buy anymore clothing except maybe a vest top because I only have two and wear them to work under shirts a lot. Office fashion that is also cycle friendly is actually quite difficult. 

I was looking around, avoiding everything that would make me want to splurge when it happened. I found the most perfect items of clothing. I picked up the leggings, marched straight to the checkout and then caved and walked right back out to the shop floor to grab them.

Like a Gypsy

This photo doesn't do it any justice and so I am obviously going to have to dedicate an #ootd post to the fabulousness that is this skirt. It has a gorgeous gold pattern on it and a waterfall hem. 

The material is so soft and light, I tried it on and span around until I fell over. Was so good.


In one shopping trip I bought clothes that were the polar opposite to each other. The gypsy skirt is light and flowing and the Bodycon dress is tight and figure hugging.

I initially went for a long dress top vest top but I haven't been able to find any that I have liked in weeks! I've been to three different cities and nothing. I knew I should have bulk bought them. 

I bought this instead!

I have a similar corset one but I love the fact that this has the same style without loads of metal holding me in. Cycling and then sitting in an office all day can become quite uncomfortable when wearing a corset. I feel like a 50's pin up girl in it. Admittedly I have to wear leggings/slim fit jeans with it because you can see a little too much of my big butt in it.

I can wear it independently, with a cardigan or under a shirt!

What  adore is the price. I bought the skirt for £8.00 and the Bodycon dress for £5.00 from Primark. 

What have you bought lately?

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