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All over this blog I talk about my boyfriend and my best friends. Recently I interviewed my boyfriend (Check it out here) about his experience as a vlogger. One day I hope to venture into the YouTube world but for now I'm happy running my little blog.

I talk constantly about how much I love clashing, bright, glittery fashion and make-up and have mentioned a few times how different myself and Dannii are. I then decided to interview Dannii to find out just how different we were and to give her a little best friend appreciation.

 Danielle Brakenberry is 22 years young, has brightly coloured hair, is tattooed, pierced, a cat lover that is the opposite to me.

 Toilet Selfie Nation

She also has a ridiculous talent in which she is always selfie ready. I'm not even lying. We were out bowling last month and I snapped a photo of her when she wasn't even ready and it turned out amazing. It takes me around 17 tries and an Instagram filter to look okay :')

The Interview

1. Start by telling us a bit about yourself? 

So, I am a customer service advisor for a finance company which has it's ups and downs. The upside is that I never have to work a full week, the downside is that I have to work on Sundays.

I graduated University with a 2:1 in Digital Forensics and my dream job is in this field. 

I have two little fur babies that I love very much, and my friends and family are pretty much my life. I honestly couldn't live without them as cliché as that sounds, I never used to be happy with my friend circles but right now it’s awesome, the only thing that would make it somewhat better would be to see Andy more, but he’s in Milton Keynes so I’ll deal with what I get of him.

 Akira to the left and Tabby to the right. So much cuteness. Tabs is like "Oh human, what do you want now?" aha!

        2. Who was your first style icon?

     If I'm perfectly honest when I was younger I never really looked up to anyone style wise. I was always taught that if you like it then you should wear it so never sort to see anyone as a style icon.

      As I got older, the first person I really obsessed over was Taylor Momsen. This was when she starred in 'Gossip Girl' before she seemed to hit the music/fashion scene by storm. 

    The reason she caught my eye in 'Gossip Girl' was that she started off as a somewhat innocent little girl and the curse of school is what made her start experimenting with her style and designing her own clothing, to make her stand out from the crowd. Her fashion development in 'Gossip Girl' was amazing. It kind of inspired me to do it for myself (it never actually happened). The closest I've gotten is to having platinum colour hair shaped and styled in the same way as hers. 

3. How would you describe your own personal style?

       In terms of my style, I wouldn't really describe it in any way. I still live by the whole 'If you like it, buy it" rule so some of the clothes I buy are majorly different to what would be classed as a 'normal' buy for myself. I suppose if someone was on the outside looking in at me I seem to stick with skinny jeans, fitted tops and hoodies. So if you base it on that I could possibly be classed as some form of skater-esque style. But me personally looking at that wouldn't agree. So I don’t know how to describe my fashion. This is a difficult question.

*Editor's note* - Dannii is amazing at Halloween.

4. Where do you tend to buy your clothes, and why?

      I tend to shop all over for clothes, however, I’m not one for ever really paying full price. I am a bargain hunter thanks to my lovely Mother. The amount of beautiful clothes you can get on sale or even within charity shops/ eBay. For example a few months back I was looking for some decent new skinny jeans, I’d been in TopShop out of curiosity to see if there was any in the sale and I really liked a pair but there was barely anything off the price it was originally. So I decided to try my old and trusty friend eBay. 

    To cut a long story short, I came away with 5 pairs of TopShop jeans for £20 including the pair i was looking at in-store. So sometimes it makes me think why are some people so obsessed with buying full price? I also have frequent visits to the charity shop near me, one day I picked up an FCUK and a TopShop dress for £2. But yeah, why spend all your money on clothes when you can pick up bargains?

5. Do you prefer online shopping or physically going shopping?

       So Online or real? I'm a personal believer in both, sometimes online doesn't satisfy my need for actually feeling the clothes. I've had bad experiences of buying items online, getting the item and not liking the feel of it. However, I also enjoy online cause the comfort of my shifts it makes it hard to actually relieve some stress by shopping so that's when I tend to splash out on items on a night after work. If I’m buying for people I tend to choose online due to the convenience of it all and the fact I have much more of a choice, more so when most of my friends love everything gaming related it is a life saver. 

6. What is your closet like?

       My closet is an organised mess, my Mother’s forever having a go at me for how messy my cupboards are. My response is always; "Well I know where everything is so what does it matter?" I have 3 wardrobes, one that houses my dresses, one that is currently housing my jumpers, as it is summer there hidden away so my general everyday wardrobe can have a range for my nicer weather clothing range. I have a lot of clothes!

7. You change your hair a lot. What has been your favourite colour/hair style so far?

       So as the question identifies I do change my hair a lot. I’ll put my hands up and say that  since a young age I have gradually brightened up my naturally dull blonde hair with the use of highlights. This grew into an obsession with modifying my hair. 

          After highlighting my hair I just got progressively brighter and brighter until I hit a platinum blonde, much like the earlier featured picture of Taylor Momsen. Several years after hitting this colour I got a little bored and so started experimenting with more vibrant colours such as pinks and blues. 

    Getting to the actual question my favourite colour has got to be the silver hair colour that i ended up settling on in university, as much as I loved the vibrant colours (ginger/red) they were very hard to maintain. So at the moment  I'm doing my damnedest to actually get back to silver. I am silver at the moment  but it's not a fully all over colour yet. Playing around with purple shampoo and toners as well as finding semi permanent dyes is quite difficult. However I've found something that works so its now time to dedicate my time to getting the all over silver colour I desire!

8. What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

     Currently my only fashion obsession is anything comic/ geek chic related. I’ve been scouring eBay for any marvel related clothing as marvel season is back with a vengeance (AGE of ULTRON was amazing I’d recommend you go see it NOW). I purchased a groot t-shirt not so long ago and I have a lot of geek related items with subscribing to a geek-box (monthly subscription of goodies). I also recently rekindled my love for black milk clothing at Christmas and got me a Lord Of The Rings dress that fits pretty awesomely. So eBay is consistently set to warn me of any new black milk listings.

9. If you could bring back any fashion style from any era what would it be and why? (i.e. Flapper dresses from the roaring twenties or the hippie loving 60s)

If I had to bring one style back it would have to be the 1950s style rockabilly dresses, I have an unhealthy fascination with the dresses and have 2 of my own, one with a short skirt and any with the traditional long skirt. 

10. What do you spurge on? (spend a lot of money on).

      So much to Gillie’s dislike, I’m not a huge fashion obsessive. So most of my money if not spent on dying my hair extravagant is actually spent on Funko Pop figures or collectible items. Not long ago I spent £200 on bio-shock collector’s items. So all in all my time is spent looking for new awesome items to add to my collection or planning my next hair colour. Which at the moment is dark grey. 

11. Who are your biggest style inspirations?

       My biggest style inspirations have to be Taylor Momsen as discussed earlier, Valerie “Lights” Poxleitner and Lizzie Tupman ( one of my favourite YouTubers). Lizzie is who I've currently use for hair inspiration more the cut than the colour. I admire Taylor Momsen for her style and the fact she has the guts to wear clothes most people would dismiss due to being revealing. I wish I had the guts she had, then again she has taken a lot of shit for it. 'Lights,' I just love her style, if anything I think she’s the closest person I could actually describe to what my style matches. She is also ridiculously attractive. 

12. What is your favourite outfit/style?

      My favourite outfit has to be the dress I not so recently bought off eBay. At first I was in two minds whether or not to buy it as it was quite a revealing dress, something I would usually dismiss as I’d feel it wouldn't exactly suit me. However, after much convincing from Gillie I actually bought it. I’ve literally never been so happy with an item of clothing in my life. It’s a bodycon LBD with mesh sections on it. Its very understated dress with not much to it but it's amazing!  

13. Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?

      In terms of fashion rules I don’t have any per say. Unlike Gillie, I try to avoid any clashing colours or patterns and try to remain quite reserved in what I do wear, but I wouldn't say I have any set rules. Just the usual 'blue and green should never be seen' etc, colours that naturally just don’t go. It also depends on the colour my hair is to what I will wear as I try to avoid clashing colours that way as well. 

14. Fashion faux pas?

wouldn't say I've had any fashion faux pas either due to the fact I avoid clashing colours and tend to stick  to fairly safe clothes its difficult to have a fashion faux pas.

15. Do you read fashion magazines?

       With my lack of interest in what the fashion industry is doing down to the fact I wear what I like and don’t take notice reading a fashion magazine is definitely not on my list of to dos. Pass me a magazine on game reviews or coming soon and I'll be happy. But fashion, nope. 

16. What colour do you tend to wear the most?

      As depressing as this sounds my usual go to colour is black, so lets say black jeans and then ill bring it out with a bright top or hoody, like I'm currently wearing darkish denim jeans with a bright purple hoodIE. I know I'm boring..

17. What is most essential for budget shopping?

Most essential for budget shopping is shopping around. Just because it appears to be cheaper in one shop doesn't mean you should just get it as you could get a better deal elsewhere. Nine times out of ten somewhere else will have it cheaper and you will end up better off. So my best advice is shop around. 

Clothes wise check the sale rails and even check charity shops as you will be surprised what you can find in them. I've come away with some right bargains as it's just having the patience to go in and not find something and just not give up. AND if all else fails, eBay is your friend.

18. Do you ever wear the same outfit twice?

     I do where the same outfit twice, usually if I’m at work one day then I'm not planning on leaving the house the next day I tend to re-use it rather than using clean clothes.  Would never be seen in the same outfit twice in the same week. However, I do tend to keep to the same outfits for work, with the set dress code.

19. Top fashion tips?

    I think my only fashion tip would be, Be yourself, don’t be afraid to buy something just because it isn't in “fashion.” Express what you like not what’s in the latest catalogue saying it should be bought just because it’s in fashion right now. 

20. When you can't think of anything to wear, what's your go-to outfit?
     Skinny jeans and a hoodie. You can't go wrong with a nice over-sized hoodie and some skinny jeans, usually when I’m at my most comfortable.

21. What’s your next fashion must have?

My only fashion must have would be anything that is remotely related to black milk. However the price of black milk is quite expensive so i should probably save first.
22. Top three favourite brands?

 Black Milk, Topshop and New look. 

23. If you were stuck on a desert island, what could you not live without?

    My best friends. 

24. Heels or flats?

 Flats all day every day. 

25. What do you recommend that everyone go out and buy right now?

     POP FIGURES. So many collections for so many people. Even a Disney collection which I probably shouldn't show to Gillie because she’ll obsess.

      Other than that a more fashion/ beauty related purchase would have to be Bleach London's reincarnation mask, its pretty much saved my hair with the bleach its had on, my hairs remained lovely and soft. 

26. Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

    This year I bought binding of Isaac on steam, it took me 43.6 hours to actually complete once. Ridiculously addictive but annoying game. I recommend you buy it. But expect it to steal your time!

I can't thank Dannii enough for letting me interview her. 

Now we all know that my little Fashionista doesn't even mean to be one :')

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