Mother Nature #OOTD featuring Fruity Fashion

I'm quite lazy at weekends in regards to my fashion and make-up. Jamie and I like to chill out on weekends if we aren't out socialising, I'm comfortable enough in myself and with him to wear no make-up, slick back my hair in a rough bun and rock some pajamas. We usually stay in bed so it's 100% about the comfort. And I'd probably sweat it off getting agitated with Spyro, the little dragon shit.

It's been hard keeping healthy lately. The problem with me is that I crave junk food constantly. I'm a smoker, I know please don't judge my poor life choice, and the less I eat junk the more I find myself smoking so it's about finding the balance. It's not a crime to have food drenched in salt, fat and sugar. I just find myself craving more and more of it if I indulge in it even just a little bit. It's an endless battle with myself to tell myself and my body no. A cycle that is not pleasant to be apart of. 

I'm really jealous of Jamie. He has a massive sweet tooth but his body doesn't crave it the way mine does. He can freely eat and drink what he wishes and hates salads and anything remotely healthy. The great thing is that he is so motivated! He used to cycle to and from work daily and goes to the gym every day during work. He's also massively into sports and engages in Football regularly. The thought of it exhausts me. 

FML that boy is beautiful. 

On Saturday Jamie got peckish and I was getting cranky with cravings. I had no weight loss this week but I'm not surprised after the weekend before. I'm actually quite proud that I didn't gain! I'm still steering away from chocolate and sweets which is a positive. I decided to treat us both to a Milkshake.

He is always in his pants. He also Snapchatted my friends his bare butt. I'm still laughing now.

After a day of sweating it on Spyro and watching TV, we have an obsession with anything to do with crime (is that weird?), Impractical Jokers, someone thinking they have talent and general crappy entertainment, it's brilliant, we decided to venture out to Teesside so I could do some birthday shopping.

What was devastating about this post is that I did a complete birthday shopping haul but I can't upload it because those people read my blog! I have to patiently (those who know me know that I am not patient) wait until I can share with you my amazing gift buying skills,

I'll start off with my OOTD because it was fabulous. 

I'm felt a little restricted as of late because I haven't been buying new clothes due to weight loss. I mixed and matched my favourite articles of clothing to make this mother nature inspired look.

I weirdly like the one in which my teeth are slightly exposed. I've had massive insecurity about my teeth in the past because I have a capped tooth that is slightly different colour to the others and further back in my mouth. It's from an incident that happened when I was 14 and when I asked for braces to bring it forward my dentist said there was no point as it was a completely vein reason.

Of course I didn't like being called vein and so dropped it and now it's probably too late as my mouth is now an adult one that would need a complete re-haul and I don't earn THAT much money.

I've dealt with it and if people ask about my tooth, which is actually almost never, it makes for a cool story to tell. My cousin had a similar accident but her tooth is completely fake. When she's drunk at parties and random men hit on her, she removes her tooth and pulls the most hideous impression to get them away from her. It's so funny. 

Random sign photo. I apparently developed a thing for those in Leeds.

Upon our adventures we popped into Simply Be. I love this shop so effing much. It's designed for large, slim, tall, short, completely alien species women. Whatever style and size you are, guaranteed to find an outfit in there that you will adore. I found the perfect dress as soon as I walked in. Unfortunately it was a day's wages and I had birthday shopping to do. Next time beautiful dress. Next time.

After this dress I seemed to hate everything else, even though I wasn't buying it for me!

I eventually settled on some pretty amazing presents that I can't discuss no matter how much it kills me. 6 days to go!

Introducing Fruity Fashion

I have been obsessed with fruity fashion for years. Of course I was a tomboy that didn't embrace my fruity fashionista ways until recently.

Today I was in Asda to buy a spot of lunch with Jamie, car picnics are always the best, when I saw these. Jamie was like "No, you're not are you?" My face lit up with a "Of course I f**king am" look and I practically danced to the checkout. They have motherf**king watermelons on them! (I don't know why I try and censor my language in half of my posts, I have the mouth of a sailor. If you meet my Nana, you'll understand why. Ironically, I go out with a man who doesn't swear, not even a little bit).

After we finished in Teesside we ventured back to Jamie's for the F1. I couldn't stop staring at my new purchase, They are just so perfect. Although I just said I have stayed away from buying new clothes due to weight loss, I had to buy something to go with new shoes. And I have two birthday events coming up, I definitely needed a new dress.

It has cherries on it! I'm looking into cardigans with fruity fashion on them but for now, I need to let my bank account recover from this weekend.

I bought the shoes from George at Asda and the stunning item that is the dress on Ebay
They're almost sold out so hurry! 

I had the most perfect weekend and even took part in a Zusterschap collaboration of sorts. 
I adore these girls, their blog and their message and morals. If you haven't checked them out yet then click the link above or follow their twitter here. You will not regret it and they offer you the chance to air your opinion, with no judgement no matter how much you disagree, on their blog and in their chats. 

I had the busiest and yet most relaxing weekend ever. I am ready for what this week may bring.

How was your weekend?

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