Netflix Obsession - Why You Need RuPaul in Your Life.

I have been living in a cave for the past 7 years clearly as I have only just began this obsession with RuPaul.

 "You can call me He, you can call me She. You can call me Regis and Kathie Lee; I don't care! Just as long as you call me." - RuPaul.

So far I'm on season 2: Ep 8 of RuPaul's Drag Race so I haven't even received all of this show's sassiness and global talent yet, although I keep YouTubing interviews and clips...Bianca Del Rio, I'm so excited to meet you!

1. RuPaul

Born in 1960, RuPaul Andre Charles is an American Queen, drag superstar, actor, model, recording artist, author and all round bad ass.

Ru is the Mama that everyone wants and needs. Sassy and fierce but classy not trashy. Best selling books, hit singles/albums and a long successful career under her belt. She is my ultimate idol that taught me that what everyone else thinks of me is none of my business. Self love and confidence is all that truly matters.

2. So. Much. Shade.

The Library is open! So far we've had RuPaul come in and up the girls confidence and ability to laugh at themselves to 'train' them to take all of the insults that generic buttholes throw at them in real life. 

To be honest, the results were just out of this world.

Jujubee, my self confessed fav of the season also 'attacked' Tyra - the other Tyra - with "Tyra Sanchez, if you're America's Sweetheart, America needs a heart transplant." 

"Raven, you're legendary? More leg and dairy" 
So, so good.

3. The Outfits
An alternate take on America's Next Top Model all of these girls have outfits and make-up that could kill you as you sleep.
I'm an outrageous fashionista that pops, clashes and glistens from glitter overload. Recently, I had a glitch in the confidence system where I started to rein it back in until I watched this and then decided to level it up! 

Bebe Zahara Benet - The African Queeeeeeen and winner of season one.

Nina Flowers was my self confessed favourite from Season 1. She came second to Miss Bebe and later won Miss Congeniality in the Reunion episode. 

And of course Ru!

The team at World of Wonder actually put together all seasons, even one's I haven't seen yet, for every outfit that RuPaul had ever worn in the show.

4. It's a Quote Making Factory

This show is all kinds of sassy. Every 10 seconds in the episode someone is throwing shade or throwing quotes around the place.

Mystique also became infamous for her line "Two piece and a biscuit" used throughout the show.

They are hilarious, quick witted and I want to attack all the bitches I hate (well, dislike a lot) armed with a Jujubee.

5. They throw shade but they don't judge

All of the Queens are in it to win it, but at the end of the day they are sassy/bitchy but don't actually personally hate or attack other queens.

And despite what is said about the show, all kinds of people are welcome. This is one of the few mainstream tv shows that is hugely supportive of the plus size and trans community. 

Season 2 Episode 12 was when Sonique returned to the stage and caught up with Ru and the girls in the Reunited episode. 

During the interview Sonique got a bit emotional and walked off stage, closely followed by Morgan.

In a moment off stage but caught on camera, Sonique courageously came out with a confession that she had been to the Doctor and started transitioning from male to female. 

6. They all have ridic levels of talent/huge personalities 

They all look absolutely amazing, as well as maintaining themselves as men, they transform into the most beautiful women. Their outfits, make-up, wigs and physical performances are all outrageously good. I want a one to one with one of these ladies. Also, hate your figure? Pad that mofo until your happy.

A huge part of this show, with a whole episode a season dedicated to it, is the personal stories and catch ups dedicated to each and every contestant. All of the Queens discuss their coming out stories, their life growing up, tragedies and achievements and a lot about their family acceptance. It's at these points that I realised the Queens can all throw shade but they are still one huge family.

7. Everyone's a winner

Whether you go home after the first round or win the final crown and prizes, every round there is a new chance for someone to shine and become a winner. Also, in the reunion episodes further rewards and experiences are given to people. 

My ultimate favourite was when Ongina won the MAC Viva Glam challenge. For the prior 2 years Ongina had been living with HIV and made an emotional reveal when she won the challenge.

SO FREAKIN' EMOTIONAL. Makes me cry every time.

8.  It broke the internet. 

As well as all of the stars having an ever increasing number of followers on their individual Social Media accounts, the show's outcome for the Queens was actually determined via social media.

9. The Tasks

The tasks on this show are outstanding. RuPaul takes all of these women and gets them to showcase their talents by singing, modelling, sewing, comedy scripts, transforming other 'normal' people in Drag Mamas, and dressing up in different costumes impersonating different celebrities amongst other things.

Tatiana is an amazing Britney Spears. 

This post could have gone on forever about my reasons that you should all embrace RuPaul and the unpredictable and addictive world of Drag but these are the key points. 

Just watching this show alone gives me confidence and the feisty 'ain't taking yo' shit today' attitude so just imagine what it can do for others!

The other judges are also a reason to watch this show! With celebrity judges such as Dita Von Teese and Jackie Collins as well as the regular judges such as Santino Rice and Merle Ginsberg causing all kinds of controversy. 

What do you think of RuPaul's Drag Race?

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