OOTD: Snow white meets the Tic Tac clan.

So yesterday I blogged about my undying love for RuPaul. Y'all can read that here.

Well after the blog post, and being heavily into bank holiday mode, I ended up staying up super late because I couldn't stop watching dearest Ru.

Because of that, and waking up to it pouring down with rain, I wanted to dress a little more summery today.

I call this look the "Show White meets the Tic Tac clan."

The colours clash so much! I adore this top. I bought it in Asda when Jamie and I were buying hangover food.

The only problem, I'm not sure if it's an actual problem, I lost weight recently (now 10 pounds lighter overall, woo) and so I'm in between sizes. I hate trying on clothes in store and so I picked up my usual size only to find it's baggy on me! Because of the length (it was quite short, but then again I have this thing for long tops so maybe it isn't) I feel that the next size down wouldn't fit me so well. 

Oh well, I'll get my sewing machine out and adjust it.

Also, I uploaded a photo of my face yesterday to my Insta because I'm all for fake fur and my hair looks white...

I really need to find time to start wearing make up again.

Ridiculously obsessed with mirror apps btw.

...and then today I saw one of idol's upload something similar, albeit a lot more stunningly gorgeous!

Tess is the ultimate babe! I now need to hunt for coloured fake fur, and lots of it!

What have you been wearing lately?

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