I'm going to start this post off buy telling everyone that I got a fixed term contract at work! Woooo!

I've been stressed up to my eyeballs thinking I was about to get released (my temp contract ends today) and I was approached at work for a meeting. Fearing the worst I sat wondering if I'd saved up enough money and whether I would turn 23 jobless and still a person that hasn't been abroad. Then I got told, I got a fixed term contract! 

To celebrate, I got my hair done. (It was actually booked in long before that but people keep telling me I go to the hairdressers too much.)

I had lowlights added because it was so blonde that my roots looked harsh (I'm naturally blacky brown) and then lightened it to a white blonde colour. I also had an inch cut off because although I'm obsessed with my hair, I had the same style for pretty much over a year.

The yellow parts are actually blonde aha! I had my dark roots done and lowlights at the same time. It looks amazeballs in real life though.

The blonde sections are lightening up pretty quick too because my best friend gave me 'Fudge' shampoo. It's soooooooooo good. It applies toner to your hair every time you wash it with shampoo and keeps ginger/brassy tones at bay. My hair actually lightened to white by using this. Smells pretty awesome too.

My only problem is that I haven't quite got the knack of it yet. You have to use a minuscule amount, I'm talking less than a five pence piece and leave it on your hair for the shortest amount of time or it goes a blue/purple colour. 

It still looks pretty cool though. And if that happens just use regular shampoo to wash it out again. I have gotten into the routine of using Daddy-O shampoo by Lush and Fudge alternate days to each other because they both are fabulous at maintaining white/blonde/grey hair and won't leave it brassy/purple (unless that's what you're into) and so I won't overload my hair with toner.


It's been over a month since Danielle and I hooked up for a good old mate date. We're the kind of best friends that when one is stressed the other is, or when one is being annoying, the other gets annoyed. Last night we decided that we weren't going to let our stresses get to us, we were going on a mate date (we're such a married couple, honestly).

We drove (well Dannii did) to Middlesbrough to see a movie and grab some food. We popped to the local 'spoons. Cannot beat a bit of 'Spoons grub.

Isn't she pretty? I decided that because I was drinking alcohol (such a mean friend leaving Dannii drinking coke) I may as well have chips with my chicken burger. I've been pretty healthy for the rest of the week.

We had some spare time (2 hours) when we got to Boro (the shops we were going in were shut) and so we decided to have a drink in The Southfield after food. 

The drinks here are to die for! They serve cocktails in jars (I have a thing for them) and cocktails that are so good, you just can't stop buying them.

I ordered the Sailoretto in the above photo.

We went to see 'Unfriended.'

I'm going to try and not spoil it for everyone that wants to see it, but fuck my life that film has scarred me. 

It's a social media based horror film. I cuddled into Danielle who didn't even bat an eyelid at the horrendous scenes. I actually watched the film through my cardigan. 

I'm going to mention one bit right here though so *Spoiler Alert*.

I may NEVER use straighteners again. 

That's all I'm saying.

What have you been up to lately?

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